Brief commentary on the astrological charts of Donald Trump
Julian Lee / Copyright 2016 Julian Lee

I will be adding to these comments as the days move on and I have time. In public tweets I had stated that Trump had a strong chance to win, astrologically speaking, due to his strong and helpful Jupiter progressions while Clinton had much less auspicious transits. Also I had stated my opinion that he was a sincere man and willing to make a great sacrifice for his country; that this was the reason he was running. I will post some of those tweets here later. But this is a study of Trump's natal and relocated natal charts, and what they may tell us about him.
The thing of most interest to study, in looking at any famous person with a big career, is the 10th house or house of career. It's the 10th house that the public actually sees when they know of a famous person. It's that mountain seen at a distance. My favorite interest, as an astrologer, has been studying how the ruler of a house (realm of life), and where it sits (and what's affecting that ruler) -- shows up in that realm of life. With the 10th house, we should see it in the visible work of that person, but we also get information about his true outer ambitions, the true aspirations, what they're really caring to do in the outer world.

Later I am going to write about another public figure who has the exact same 10th House structure as Trump, and how he shows forth the same aspirations and life's work as Donald Trump (though he may not like to hear it) -- James Kunstler of (I'm a Kunstler fan.)

So again we look at the planetary ruler of the 10th, and where it sits by house. It's my theory that this should always play out in noticeable ways -- in the location where they develop. (Not necessarily in the natal chart, if they're not in the birth location any more.) So what we have with D. Trump is "Venus-Ruling-10th-from-12th." Based on my experience, this produces aspirations, and a life's role, that involves at least these six noticeable themes: Interest in beauty / Interest in/involvement with rarefied environments / "I'm With Pretty People" /  Great sacrifice / 
Confused relationships / Lost loves.

Desire to create beauty, with interest in art/design
Trump has spent his life building unusual and impressive buildings and using artistic architects. He is proud of the originality and beauty of his buildings. Later I will post a graphic here that shows the many amazing buildings Trump has built. It's quite clear from the photos that they are intended to be both beautiful and rarefied, like the 12th house which is the House of  highest beauty and the House of "retreats." 

Interest or involvement with rarefied, retreat-like places and environments
His places are otherworldly, taking you out of the conventional, mean existence. I believe this has been his conscious intent. He is also known for living in such places and he likes to show them off. Someone with this structure may also spend time in retreats, ashrams and hermitages, wild places like cabins in the woods, and they would feel closest to loved ones in these places. We have many photos of Trump in his unusual homes that seem to suggest this. He basically builds -- and enjoys -- beautiful retreats. In the outer world, this is what he's striven the most to do up to now.

"I'm With Pretty People"
There is another way this is playing out and it is so obvious that one might not think of it right away. Venus is most associated with the human body, especially the face, with women, and with attractive, winsome looks. Meanwhile it is most associated with "human relations." Thus what we have with Trump is a man who's presented to the world a lot of beauty in the form of his relations -- his children and wife -- who he keeps right there with him in the spotlight (in his 10th House) very associated with his public work. Even his sons are highly Venusian in aspect, and of course his young son Barron. (All young children, including boys who are still androgynous, are a manifestation of winsome Venus.) So it's not insignificant that part of Trump's life's role has been "I present not just beautiful buildings, but my beautiful relatives to the world." Think: Ivanka, Melania, Barron, his sons. All eye candy for the world. People take this as an incidental, a background item, but it's not. His 10th House shows us it's a basic part of his life's role.

With Venus ruling 10th (from any house), and especially if one is a male, one's public standing gets wrapped up with Venusian women. We can see this with Melania Trump. And "beautiful people" in general. The celebrities that populated his popular show The Apprentice were basically Venusian characters. "People" magazine is a Venusian interest. While Venus is associated with "pretty people" it's also associated with the glamorous, light entertainment, materialism and vanity, and entertainment. Thus even somebody like Gene Simmons was another Venusian player on his stage. Trump liked getting known media characters onto his show, and the 12th house is very much associated with mass media, in my observations.

If you ever wonder "What is the 12th House like?" -- all you need do is watch Donald Trump's boardroom scenes in The Apprentice, a show that up to recently represented the pinnacle of his career and fame. The show covertly depicted a "king in his throne room" and I think Trump, with his Mars-in-Leo, intended that feeling. But you know, a throne room can be a bright, heady, and joyous place. What we had in Trump's "throne room" was a dark, mysterious, cloistered feeling like the atmosphere of a monastery. Monasteries and cloisters are fundamental 12th House things. In the mysterious 12th House, secrets come out, and people are undone. Nobody's sure what's going on in there. It is the house of humiliations and loss. The books say "endings." Can you think of more dolorous "ending" scenes than at the close of "The Apprentice" when various personalities were sent packing, having lost the game and lost all? If you want to know what a "12th House atmosphere" is like, the dark boardroom of "The Apprentice" -- which Trump is perhaps most famous for -- will certainly show you. Though a small observation, I think it shows one way that Trump's Venus-Ruled-10th-From-12th has played out. Pretty people in a mysterious dark room losing all! That's what Trump gave us over-and-over in "The Apprentice."

Total sacrifice and service to others
This person is capable of total sacrifice and is willing to give up a lot in the context of his calling or his work. Also, he may simply walk into a situation in which he suffers great sacrifice though he may not expect it. With the 12th House, you can't really control what happens. I have sensed, in photos and film I've seen, that the Secret Service men around Trump are well keyed up at all times, taking their jobs very seriously. It could be that they -- or some of the Trump family -- have some sense of real danger already.

Confused, mysterious relationships
This includes secrets and mistakes, confusions and misunderstandings, but also lies and deceptions connected to his female relationships. These can be, of course, lies and deceptions told by others. There is a lot of confusion there. But things gradually come out. I will write about this one later because there is perhaps a lot to discuss. With his Moon-in-5th-Ruling-12th, never mind his Leo nature (a man's Mars is usually strong in him), Trump would have encountered flirtatious women lifelong, with plenty of temptation.  And that's the best way to set the stage for that discussion.

"Lost loves"
The individual will have some kind of deep sorrow about one or more persons close to him who he has lost, or loses, or that person has lost something or been harmed. This can include a person made dysfunctional or incapable, as this is very much associated with the 12th house. He will become publicly known for these sorrows or lost loves. I have a grave fear that this has yet to fully play out.
By living elsewhere, Trump could probably ward off any ripened fruit from this structure. But that's just it: The presidency will be a sacrifice for him, and though I've predicted he'll travel a lot and be really big when it comes to interacting with other nations and leaders, he'll end up feeling tethered to Washington. He will likely feel cramped in the White House compared to his many lavish residences. He will likely feel, at times, like a prisoner of the White House for the sake of his country, rather than one who's received an upgrade of quarters. This would further match this 10th House formula of sacrifice. Having to stay with that locational chart though it exposes him to this "total sacrifice" theme -- is all part of what the chart will "try" to do.

All the above six themes (and there are others I'll add here later) revolve or manifest over time, as with all astrological aspects. It takes transits/progressions (Time) to bring them all out. They don't come all at once. It should be noted that he keeps this structure in Queens, Manhattan, and also Washington DC.

These six are the best worth starting with, in pondering Donald Trump, and they are the obvious ones I think of based on my 30 years of watching charts. In later updates here I will be going over in more depth how many of these show in his life, along with other "Venus-In-12th-Ruling-10th" themes.

We can take this same 10th House structure and draw out other typical scenarios I would expect to encounter among diverse humans with their diverse charts:

-- A person who spends a lot of time in meditation retreats and ashrams. Perhaps they end up having some administrative authority in such places. Likely also they have mysterious or shrouded love affairs there.

-- A person who spends a lot of time camping and in the wilds. Likely also they have wonderful times there with their mate or loved one, and perhaps come to times where, in the same places, they pine away for that person.

-- A person who spends a lot of time in a great institution, whether a library or a hospital or campus facility that has majestic aspects. They live a near-hidden existence there, may work on artistic or aesthetic interests there, and have a hidden or confused love there.

-- One who spends a lot of time in their studio creating, painting, making music, etc. In general the structure is very good for artists and musicians, and likely the topic of love or some relationship/s would play into their work.

-- Someone who serves a lot of people in a self-sacrificing way. It may be found in the chart of a saint-doctor, or social worker. Note: We have many stories of Donald Trump sacrificing for common people or being very generous with them. In one case he jumped out of his limousine to stop a man from beating another with a baseball bat -- at risk to himself. Similar stories are legion with him.

-- A person with a career related to the unconscious, or dreams, and especially one who combines that with art in some way, or who uses that knowledge to help others with their relationships.

-- If the Venus was long-afflicted, say by Saturn or Pluto, their "career" may revolve around the fact that they become entrapped, or caught somewhere. They may have damage to their relationships (lost loves) due to some kind of imprisonment.

-- They may represent or teach meditation (a 12th house interest) and have many friends, associates, fans, clients, or even lovers (for crying out loud) related to this activity.

-- A person who is associated with, career wise, some person of unusual beauty or artistic ability. It can also play out as a mysterious hidden figure who is key to one's status and 10th house standing though others may not know about them. One may also in some way become known as, "The one who lost so-and-so, lost his mate, lost a friend" i.e. "There's John. John lost his beautiful wife and all his children." This scenario would play out during times when long afflictions came to the Venus-12. But these are also aspects of the 10th House/exterior status and how this structure would play out eventually in the location where one has it.

In all of the above examples you can see how the elements of Venus, plus 12th House, are gelling in a career context.

Also to be added later I will be discussing one of my favorite people, the architectural w
riter James Kunstler, who has the same structure as Trump, and showing how Kunstler's life work demonstrates the same things. Though his label is architectural critic it's easy to see that his core impulse has been to articulate standards and principles that create beauty -- and even rarefied atmospherics -- in the public realm (which he sometimes refers to as the "urban fabric.") Kunstler is a caustic and intellectual but what he's always been caustic about is the uglification of the American architecture and city design. His entire career almost consists of him crying for beauty in the public space. Later he took to going to lonely places and wilds and ended up developing as an exceptional painter of these lonely places and wilds -- 12th House places for sure.

It's only by seeing this same structure, with Kunstler, that you can understand his true motivations. It's amazing how both men, though different in many respects and though having different aesthetics, are lovers of beautiful architecture and both pursuers of beauty ideals and rarefied environments.

Julian Lee