The Yoga-Sutras, a New Commentary, Julian Lee

My Love Song to the European Peoples, "Anthem For The Men Of The West" (the first melody I ever wrote, at 13)
"In the aftermath I saw that of the forms of fame, "notorious" is perhaps the most satisfying. It was a kick to find heads turning wherever I walked. Almost disappointingly, after the "antifa" smear campaign I received largely positive feedback on the street. Strangers would bow in Asian style pranams as I passed. Young men would raise hand to brow in a military salute. People would even run out of restaurants as I passed, asking if they could shake my hand, telling me they read my writings, and sharing their European ancestry. I felt I was entering the realm of The Mythic. The only negative I recall was a Jew riding by a bike who gave me the finger. It all started with walking my dog and removing annoying "antifa" stickers. For that I became a Notorious Nazy. Yet I've not even read Mein Kampf. This happened in July 2009. I continued to live happily in my prominent apartment near street level for years, continued to walk everywhere, and to eat most meals at the restaurants surrounding my home, especially Coffee Time two blocks away, my favorite hangout. By the time I left I often heard "Hello Julian" or "Howdy Mr. Lee" from complete strangers while out walking about. The Jewish kids absolutely failed to provoke a negative reaction against me among the populace. (They also didn't like it that I found them on the street the 2nd night and almost got their masks pulled off.) I finally left Portland 7 years after the antifa stalked me, when my father-work to assist my kids there was done. I was ready for new adventures."

What happens to a people that
places themselves on a no-talk,
no-criticize list?
They place themselves
beyond comment and even
 beyond notice >
They get extraordinary
freedom & carte blanche >
 They get inordinate power >
This freedom beyond-analysis
 tempts them to do more and more bad things.
“To learn who
rules over you,
simply find out
who you are
not allowed
to criticize.”

 Julian Lee, Portland, Oregon
I had always felt destined to be something significant, and more than just "an astrologer." As I aged my ambition changed from "saving the world" to just "saving the White Race."

That goal was both a bit less grandiose, and a bit more satisfying. In the summer of 2009 – 8 years ago – I was gifted with my first big opportunity by the Jewish boys of Portland's "Rose City Antifa." Among other things, the gift allowed me to wreck the Jews' most powerful weapon for cowing Whites into submission: Their "Nazi" smear.

They now use the slur to demonize any White who 1) entertains any positive ethnic identity as a White, or 2) who speaks a word of criticism against the Jewish genocidal agenda.

Later here I'll provide a partial list of people Jews have absurdly demonized as "Nazis." If a long-haired astrologer and yoga student critical of Hitler is a "Nazi" for criticizing Jewish collective activity -- Everyman is "Nazi" now. Or if I need to be raised up as America's Most Famous Nazi to finally make their slur a laughing stock, I feel lucky and my wish to help the European peoples is fulfilled.
My experience also gave me very personal experience with how Jewish-owned media "create facts" and also create false "history."
Note: Though the "antifa" included my address, I continued to live in that apartment -- near the street! -- for several years afterward and was never bothered by anybody. About seven years after their shenanigans, I left Portland because my family work was done there, and I had reaped the best that the "chart" had to offer.

It started with me walking my dog and taking down anti-White stickers placed by the "antifa." It ended with me being proclaimed by the Willamette Week as an Omnipresent Magical Supremacist Sticker Shaman who was, 'sadly' smeared as a "Nazi" ('by shadowy fellows we can't name') – but by the way here's the hater's face and name. For a study of Jewish mendacity I will first present it how the Willamette Week presented it:

'An old man suddenly decides to act like a teenager. He starts putting up stickers on poles around his town.They vary wildly in design, location, and phone numbers –  but they are all "racist" and "white supremacist" stickers. The brave boys of the "Rose City Antifa" find out who he is by amazing cleverness. To expose the soopremisis they poster the town with his face. Their 120-pt bold headline blares: "Nazi Trash In Your Neighborhood!" In the text of the poster they abjure him for putting up stickers. They include his address and a general invitation to the town to give him trouble.
Now, the hater is an appropriate news item for the respectable Jewish newspaper. After all flyers stapled to telephone poles is an amazing phenomenon.
The Willamette Week is in communication with the trouble makers. They don't know the Nazi hunters' names, but some whispering Onceler is kindly spilling the beans to the Willamette Week journalists about that awful Julian Lee. A wise rabbi is consulted. After all, if anybody says a pro-White word a rabbi must be consulted or else six million Jews might get gassed. He takes the High Road and kindly counsels the mystery stalkers: 'Cluck cluck boys, now you shouldn't have done that.' The paper takes the position that the shadowy group shouldn't have harassed the private citizen or published his address to threaten him. But just the same they reproduce the "Rose City" poster in their paper. They also put their handiwork on the internet.

That is the Jewish story published in mass media. Albeit with a bit of my own snide commentary thrown in.
But really...

...the story starts with an aggressive stickering in my neighborhood by the "antifa" themselves. Somehow the Jewish newspaper never found out about that...

A so-called "antifascist" group was putting up anti-white stickers everywhere that I walked in Northwest Portland. I saw them while walking my dog. They were styled as "Wanted" posters, obviously a request from some Sheriff-like authority:

The stickers say to report all White dissidents to the "Rose City Antifa" which stands for anti-fascism.
Note the one bottom right covering up the yellow pro-White sticker somebody had placed there

(which had also been picked at, unlike stickers advocating violence).
The devious cat promises to stalk, harass and persecute anybody expressing pro-White sentiments.
(They crow about doing this all the time.) The yellow sticker it quashes simply calls Whites
an endangered species and advocates for their protection. But that's so hateful dont-cha-know.

No, I had never put up a sticker anywhere myself. It wasn't part of my lifestyle shall we say.
I was simply annoyed with theirs. They were on everything, aggressively placed. They were anti-white stickers, and I didn't like them.

I started peeling them off, taking them down.

Occasionally the "Antifa" stickering crew covered up stickers by others that they disliked.
Here they have found another that offends them. Making out the word "home" I recall the content of this particular sticker. You can see the word "Home" upper right, and "BR..." at upper left. It said "Bring the troops home" (and stop genociding Iraq) and put the troops on our border to enforce our border security and save our jobs. Now, isn't that an inappropriate and hateful idea? Thank goodness we had the Rose City Antifa
to suppress this thought. They have requested the citizenry to help them catch and
afflict the person who expressed this evil thought, and they duly covered up his obscene idea.

But the more I peeled them off and took them down –  on my dog walks –  the more they came back and put them up, in more and more places. Taking them down didn't work. They clearly  regarded themselves as some kind of "Sheriff" and believed they had a cultural right to put all these stickers up, and as I took them down they only expanded their stickering turf.

So I decided to get in their face a bit. I started removing their contact info but leaving the cat. This let them know somebody was actively resisting them and they weren't just losing stickers to general cleanup. This seemed to agitate them and make them more aggressive in re-stickering the area.

This went on for weeks. Eventually I got the idea of getting even more "in their face" and placing something of my own there that was distinctly heterogeneous to their ideals. They were looking to stamp out some pro-White activity? Well, howzabout I just give them some activity right there that was easy to find!

Photoshop is fun. I like typography. And I had a set of old mailing label sheets lying around I'd never used. If they can put up stickers, so can I.
So soon I had a nifty page full of stickers that said (now which website was a portal I handily created just for this task listing a wide variety of pro-White websites on the internet. I also printed the words "White Identity" to make clear what the url meant. They were the size of envelope address labels and not as fancy as theirs. But I took them with me on my next dog walk and started placing them next to the neutered cats, a little above his head in a gesture of dominance. I was now having fun.

Enforcing consensus: A Jewish anti-white sticker campaign in Portland
–  The Contrary Sticker That Enraged Them –
I discover the joys of street activism.
A neutered Anti-Fascist cat is now carrying a contrary idea.
My policy was that this sticker would ride along wherever they put theirs.'
I would let them control it's range. They were prolific in stickering, so my little "White Identity" sticker showed up in a great many places. Although this was the item that they dealt with for weeks –  my main response –
and they were always seeing it above their cat, when they erupted with their "Nazi" flyer
they were hush-hush about it. The website wasn't mentioned either.
The sticker was very simple. You can see it's missing a "Y."
But by broaching the idea that White Ethnic identity is O.K. and Whites have
ethnic interests too –  I would soon become a Famous Nazi.

I didn't know how many were involved in keeping Northwest seething with the genocidal White-cowing cat. I didn't know if it was one person or a team. I knew I had to be putting them through a good deal of work. And one thing I know: For week-after-week the cat, in his many instantiations from Burnside to Thurman and 23rd to 17th –  their white-hating cat was in a continually neutered state.

This  Antifa crew, whoever they were, were getting totally pnwned by an old man and his pug.

I was wondering when they were going to figure out who was doing it. It was rather obvious because my face and name were on the website. Later I began to draw an arrow through the cats head as in "Gotcha, shot by the Indians." Seeing all this for weeks made the antifa stickering crew boil and finally blow a gasket. One night they went bananas and by morning the town was plastered with hundreds of posters having my face and calling me "Nazi Trash." I was suddenly a famous Nazi. Notorious!

See all that stuff on the telephone pole? Yes, flyer-stapling is so common in Portland
that poles have thick crusts consisting of gajillions of staples and paper bits. Though so
 common and fleeting, the Jewish Willamette Weekly decided that this ten-millionth flyer stapling –
and the "shadowy group's" sudden typography efforts and statements about me –  deserved
Top Billing and reproduction. 'Even though they shouldnadoneit, it is an interesting news story.'

It was easy as lying to find out who I was and where I lived: I had put both my face and name on the White ID web page with my story about how I came to my views, plus my name and address were attached to the web domain at, the domain registrar. I wasn't hiding.

I had to call my kids for help with removing all my face and their slander from telephone poles. They were, of course, not happy about this errand. Neither were they happy with suddenly having a father who –  by all appearances because of the authoritative-looking poster broadcast –  was now a social pariah.

The antifa boys made a point of giving my address so that anybody interested might, oh, throw rocks through my window, or a Molotov cocktail, or hang around and glare at my kids, or so I might get ostracized by my neighbors or kicked out of my apartment. The antifa Jews seemed to recommend that citizens could use their imaginations.

Even the Jewish-owned Portland Mercury, which has helped young White Portlanders experience the pleasure of porn-stardom by appearing in their "Amateur Porn Festival" –
 was burdened by my Nazi face.

But quite specifically the antifa Jews recommended that citizens revile me for having the gall to do this particular thing: Putting up stickers.

Morning wakeup outside of my apartment.
You really haven't made it until they call you a Nazi, children. At least they used a good picture of me. I noticed that the worker at the Willamette Week, when choosing a name for the .jpg, named it "Rogue." I fancy she liked me. 8o)  Now, for a look at real Nazis, go to

A little aggressive. One was right outside my apartment on the telephone pole. They were everywhere from Burnside to Thurman. We collected hundreds.

Me –  who's never even read Mein Kampf and believes that the Nazis were the worst thing that ever happened to Germany and horrifically damaged a great country and a great people.

But voila, now I was turned into the newest Nazi. You know, you can't love your race and care about its interests –  without being Adolf Hitler –  in their calculus. And although White men died bigtime in WWII on behalf of Jews, now if any of them so much as breathe "My people have a right to survive" –  they are slurred as "Nazis."

Then to confuse things the more –  because these people benefit from confusion –  they collected up a random bunch of political stickers they found around town, whatever ones they disliked –  and told the Willamette Week:

'That guy put all these up.'

Certainly Portland has only one Magical Omnipresent Sticker Demon and I must be He.

Most of them had no connection to me, including the ones deemed most offensive which were about
homosexuals and illegals. But the paper stated –  with no evidence but the word of their private sources the "antifa" –  that I had put them all up.

To make themselves feel better the paper stated that I said I did.

It's still mysterious where the Willamette Week –  which never interviewed me –  heard me claim responsibility for their sticker collection. I never did do so, anywhere or to anybody. So the antifa lied, and the Willamette Week lied. And it all started with me taking down hundreds of anti-white stickers in Northwest.
That's what actually happened. Neither the "respectable" 
Willamette Week or the "antifa" in their secretive hate sites say a word about their  preceding stickering activities. That's all left out, i.e., the fact that their original irritation was my removing their stickers then placing one to ride along with theirs. The main event, and what caused the extreme reaction from the bandanna-faces, was this:

Later I came up with a couple of "big cat" stickers to vary my routine. (See below.) But this small sticker above was my central work – / and their central pain. But there was not a word about any of it in the coverage; that I had been responding to an invasive sticker campaign by anti-racist (anti-White) youth part of an organization created by a Los Angeles Jew. In the world of Jewish Reality I became "the strange old man who unaccountably started putting up racist stickers in his town and was exposed by the young anti-fascist league."

Willamette Week did call me and ask to interview me. I ignored their call because I knew they would simply take my words out of context and do a hit piece. They went ahead and said what they wanted –  what was Good for the Jews.

Thus I learned how Jewish history and Jewish facts are made.

Yes, you should now know that you should not believe things you are told in Jewish media, because they distort reality and create lies and false impressions deliberately.

Why do I call the Willamette Weekly "Jewish media"? Because the publisher is a Jew (or was at the time), and the staff is heavy with Jews as usual. This can easily be seen simply from names in the masthead. (Same case with the disgusting culture-rotting metro the Portland Mercury.) They want to be the sole cultural gatekeepers, the deciders of what is acceptable thought. Their use of deception and distortion was intended to discredit and marginalize a pro-White with the audacity to express himself. Creditable journalists won't state something is true when they have no proof or evidence. This basically amounted to collusion between a shadowy Jewish subculture that exists to harass and intimidate cultural dissenters, and the "respectable" media owned by the same tribe. The alleyway kids created the "story" and a  mainstream publication used it to serve Jewish interests.

But the deceptive nature of their reportage –  both in terms of stated falsehoods plus important facts left out –   was nothing unique. It has implications that are much bigger than my particular life –  implications for the so-called "holocaust," for what happened on 9-11, and  wars, and so on. All the lies we are plied with on a daily basis by the tribe that used money to take control of our media.

Yes, some people say that once Jews came to own western media (by at least 95 percent by some estimates) we started to have lies propagated for our own destruction and for the benefit of Jews. Why would this not be so? If all the newspapers were owned by Amish people, wouldn't they work for Amish interests? If they were all owned by blacks, wouldn't they then work for black interests? What's surprising in suspecting that a 95-percent Jewish-owned media would work for Jewish interests?

From this we can deduce that the following things, among others, are Jewish interests:

–  Promotion of so-called "multiculturalism" and immigration into White-founded nations.
–  Promotion of pornography and general moral breakdown.
–  Humiliation or smearing of any advocates or activists for White interests.

We can certainly add to that list. But since we see all three of these themes in the Jewish-owned media, we can reasonably deduce that the three above are in the interests of Jews. But not necessarily in the interests of the founding people of America, England, Holland, etc.

Some say that the so-called "holocaust" is just a psychological operation to put Jews on a no-talk, no-criticize list and to demonize all natural ethnic identity in Whites (not just Germans), and that the only actual gas chambers that existed in the camps were small ones used only to disinfect clothes (to keep inmates healthy). Some say that what happened on 9-11 was actually 3 controlled demolitions (and they certainly look like that), and that it was all set up by Jewish interests to create a war that would take out one of Israel's big competitors in the middle east (Iraq). A lot of people believe these things and also believe that a profound dishonesty and Jewish collusion exist in mass media at the highest levels. I can't say that I can prove to you any items related to the aforementioned geopolitical events.
However I can personally testify from experience that at least one newspaper owned by Jews did tell lies relative to myself.
Further, it is my impression that they colluded with other Jewish interests (ARA/"antifa") in the construction of these lies. So I don't have to speculate or make conjecture that a Jewish-owned media miasm colludes for Jewish interests, or that they construct lies. I now have personal experience that it's true.
If all of this is new to you, let a Jew speak about the Jewish collective agenda that is swamping us now, and Jewish motivations:


These people are myth-builders, friends. In my little case it's obvious what the Jewish Willamette Week was trying to construct and propound with the help of their little masked helpers: A myth of a Lone Jamgow Dissident.

I just made up the word Jamgow as an acronymn from "Jewish and Marxist Genocide of Whites."
The real reason the masked fellows gathered up all found racialist stickers and attribute them to me was so that they could create an impression that just one old lone nut has any issues with enforced diversity and White genocide. Just me, alone. But I know better. Thousands and thousands of Whites are against the jamgow, and it will become millions.
Jewish myth creation: Portland's lone Jamgow Dissident

The paper's desire to publish the story was basically a continuation of the antifa's desire to punish a dissident. Part of the message for Whites: If you dissent or break the taboo against so-called "racism" you will be demonized, villified, called a "Nazi" etc. This was part of the purpose, you know, in their treatment of me –  to control the herd.

Myself, I'm happy to be made a target. Somebody has to do it. I like to draw their fire. Because White people deserve to live.

You know what's interesting? I never received any negative feedback on the streets, only positive.

Longer version of the tale:

I used to have a pug. My daughter named him "Moby" and I fancied his name was "Mobius Rex." While living in the Saint Francis apartments in Portland I used to walk Moby anywhere from three to five times per day. He was well cared for that way. He gave me an excuse to get out of the apartment, walk around the area, and see things. It was probably good for my heart, too.
One day I noticed stickers appearing everywhere in our neighborhood. I found them offensive. They were being aggressively placed all over by a group that called itself "The Rose City Antifa."

Portland had seemed to be quite a sticker town when I got here. It seemed obvious that young people found an outlet for both idealism and angst by putting up various and sundry stickers on the backs of road signs, on poles, and sometimes on newspaper boxes. Some were political, or philosophical. Most of them were random and didn't mean much. Just quirky stuff, kids scratching their creative itch. These stickers now going up, I could see right away, were basically anti-White. At least that is how I interpreted them.

I had had Moby around since my Ojai days, an inheritance from a daughter. I walked him generously daily. He ended up introducing me to Portland's masked thought police and genocidal "diversity" enforcers –  the "Rose City Antifa."

The stickers were telling the public that they could call a certain number to "turn in" or "report" so-called "skinhead" activity in Portland. Then it listed a list of so-called skinhead "gangs." They said they were the "Rose City Antifa."

The stickers featured the face of a stealthy cat who looked like a burglar because he had a bandanna covering his face. This is a characteristic of these so-called "anti-fascist" people –  they cover their faces when they do their harassments or crimes. The idea was that the cat was cute, and he would certainly sneak up and give trouble to these bad "skinheads."

There were many assumptions about the stickers. I noticed that they seemed, by the aggressive way they posted their stickers,  to regard themselves as some type of social authority. I knew that most of the groups listed as "reportable" and "legitimate targets" were basically some young White men with pro-white attitudes –  and that was their real "crime." The central assumption was that any young white men with pro-white attitudes were to be considered evil, even criminal, and subject to harassment persecution –  and that this "rose city" bunch considered themselves as "the sheriff." 
A few years earlier I had started to have what could only be called a white wakeup. It happened by casually watching "The Classical Musical Station" nights on cable. I realized that White people are O.K. and that there were things about them, indeed, that I liked. I further realized that it is psychologically and spiritually natural for people to feel that way.  A negative self-identity can't be a good thing.

I guess it's a truism that we don't know what we have till it's gone.  Meanwhile humans get bored and stop seeing whatever's been in front of them after a period of time. They we seek novelty, the exotic, and become a prey to salesmen who divest us of what we once had.

I had been come to Portland for family reasons. But I had been told it was one of only two remaining majority-White metropolises. I enjoyed the thought that I could experience, perhaps, the old America again. Indeed, it was an epiphany to arrive here after years in California and be, once more, among "my own people" –  like white girls behind the counter who smiled at you and you could make small talk with instead of surly foreigners as is almost universal in California. Or teams of white men working in the streets, likely with families back home, working like a well-acquainted and comfortable team and "getting things done." Or an  amazing flashback: An older white man in the electronics section of a grocery store  who wore a white shirt and tie and knew all about the gear. I realized I never saw that in California. California was being ethnically cleansed.

Yet already there were signs that certain people in the city thought that the majority white state of Portland, which had long obviously been attracting people to the city, was some kind of "bad" thing. Unbenownst to me they had even passed an unfair "Affirmative Action" law giving first place in hiring to non-whites. I often wondered: "Can't the world be diverse enough to contain one or two majority white towns? Especially in America?"  The ethnic cleansing of Portland had begun.

Already the character of the town was changing to become more like California. This was all sad to me. And now these stickers, as if somebody wanted to stamp out the last vestiges of resistance –  a few young men in motley crews with some bit of racial identity still kicking. The Jewish team (for the fact is, this group was founded by a Los Angeles Jew and these make up the bulk of these teams) –  was asking the citizens to "report racist activity." What sort of activity would that be? Some young white guys hanging around together and having a beer and feeling a bit of brotherly solidarity? Report that? Or perhaps if those boys put up a pro-White sticker, that would be a reportable "offense"? Certainly these minor things were all to be demonize.

The very word "racist" is a slur devised to cow Whites into racial annihilation. Only Whites are asked to open their borders to the random 7 billion and give up their unique racial bastions "or else they are haters and racist." The Japanese are not called "racist" because they want to preserve Japan as a place for the Japanese. Only Whites are bludgeoned by this ham-handed Communist word and culturally pressured to accept so-called "multi-culturalism" which really means no-culturalism and the end of White cultures. What word do we have, after all, for somebody who has special love and identification with his people? He's just a "racist" if he's white. But we praise this in Blacks, Asians, or other groups. Or somebody who appreciates the different types of people, like somebody loves the varied types of dogs? He's just a racist. Or somebody who wants to preserve not only his own ethnic group –  but see all the unique peoples preserved? Again, the slur "racist" is equally applied to all these natural, human, and positive values. The word is an invalid word and used in an invalid way, and today it's used only to intimidate Whites into accepting untrammeled immigration invasion, "white guilt," and stampeding them into racial mixing (and genetic destruction) in order to "be good." So to me the word "racist" –  the one on the stickers –  is a deceitful and even evil word. The Bhagavad-Gita and Hinduism, which is my favorite study and really my religion, placed a high value on the protection of the distinct races and types. In reality, only so-called "racists" respect the diversity and are the preservers of it. Thus the stickers annoyed.

Nowadays Whites everywhere are waking up, and the meme "Anti-Racism is a code word for anti-White" resounds across the internet, along with the more direct phrase: "Diversity is a code word for White genocide." I saw these stickers as reinforcing that meme and that trance among Whites: "We must accept all peoples among us or we are haters." It's comparable to demanding that a family celebrate it's Christmas by opening the doors to the twenty thousand in their town rather than having a special time for distinct intimates. Only Whites are being asked to give up their countries, their gains and accomplishments, and even their eons-wrought genotypes using this word invented by a genocidal Communist, Leon Trotsky. Indeed, some believe Trotsky coined the word explicitly as a weapon for the genociding of White nations.

What I really didn't like about the "Rose City Antifa" stickers was how aggressive they were. They were all over. I noticed too that they placed them in very prominent places. Most sticker "artists" will tend to place their stickers in places where stickers already exist, and avoid marring some pristine surface. They tend to group their stickers together with others. But not these "Rose City Antifa." They would place their stickers in cheeky and prominent places –   such as on pristine, unstickered utility boxes and lampposts having no other items. They seemed to have the attitude that they were the Sheriff and that they had the right to place their stickers very prominently everywhere.

At one point on my walk with my pug I peeled one off. It felt good.
Then I saw another and peeled it off. It felt good.
I occasionally had taken down stickers I found offensive. And I noticed that others did the same. Somebody had been occasionally been putting up a large, round, pink sticker with the large black letters "black pussy." (Figure that one out. Can you figure that one out? If you do you'll realize strange things. It almost thinks you think Portland has been a target of some pretty sick minds.) I used to take those down wherever I saw them. I had seen, also, other  fellows out taking down stickers, neighbor types.

Being a handy sort of guy I usually had a one-sided razor around for various little jobs. A one-sided razor is great for removing  stickers from smooth surfaces. I began taking it on my walk. With it I could easily start a lift-up of one corner of the antifa stickers, and then easily peel them off. The neighborhood was now clean of anti-white propaganda.

Lo and behold it only took a few days and the Rose City Antifa had hit my area again. They had  put their Devious Cat up in the same places as before.
So while out on nightly walks I peeled them off again. It felt good.

I reasoned that the antifa would not know if their stickers were being removed as general cleanup by citizens, or whether somebody was actively resisting them.  So to shake their assumptions that all White people desire self-death and White genocide –  I decided to make it clear to them. 

By about the 3rd sticker walk I got the idea to take away the printed information but leave the cat. It was easy to do. I started making a little razor slit down the middle and only peeling off the phone number and propaganda, leaving the devious antifa cat there by itself, neutered as it were. This would give them a clue that they were being actively resisted and not losing stickers to general cleanup. My dog walks now were becoming also sticker walks and I was making them longer, curious about the "range" of the antifa thought police.

It worked. They came back like hornets within a few days and plastered the area with stickers again plus expanded their hits. More posts, more newspaper stands, and more traffic signs than ever before now had  the devious cat.

Now I have to say I started to enjoy these walks. It reminded me when I used to go hunting for the Star Thistle weed in California in an area around my home. A deluge of rains had made them over-abundant, and I enjoyed knocking back the nasty weed with it's sharp spines and giant fluff-ball seed plumes. Just so that environment could remain a safe and pleasant place to walk in future.

I was doing a similar work now, weeding anti-white propaganda in America's last majority-white metropolis that already had enough of that. Each time they returned and  covered the area with stickers, I removed all but the tricky cat.


Neutered Genocide Cat of the Antifa.
This was my 2nd level of intervention –  removing their phone number and propaganda but leaving the remainder
as a sign and a challenge.
They seemed to come back faster now, and stickered all the harder. Then I got an idea: Why not put my own sticker on  top of their sticker-vestige that was utterly contrary to their assumptions? Why not put a patently pro-White sticker on top of, or next to, the neutered cat? That would surely rile them. I found the idea delightful.

When I was a kid I was capable  of finding entertainment in hitting a wasp nest with a stick to see what would happen. And of course, wasps had turned out to be pretty unfriendly creatures and I figured they deserved it. The little boy in me now felt the same  way about these antifa wasps. But what sort of sticker could I put up? I did not own at that time any pro-White internet domains, and I figured they had all been taken. But I thought:  Maybe I could create a pro-White web portal that had links to a number of taboo-breaking pro-White websites, and  place it near the Antifa cat.

I decided to make their own aggressive stickering campaign the engine for pro-White consciousness raising: Wherever they put one of their devious cats and "Report them to us" notices, I would put a pro-White sticker. Thus pro-white thoughts would spread and grow as a result of  their activity. They would be the engine for it. The more of those devious cats they put up, the more of my stickers would go up. But what web domain to use?

Walking home that night I got the idea for a simple domain: "" I liked it. We are not supposed to  have any identification with our race or racial identity, though other groups are encouraged to have racial identity. Our very identity as White Europeans has been steadily demonized by people who don't like us. (Now they are even trying to tell us we don't exist, though we need to be abolished.) Whites were supposed to have a negative identity, never a positive one.

I thought it was unlikely the domain was not already taken, it was such a good one. It certainly was likely to be already owned by somebody. But on getting home I punched in to the internic search site and there it was, not taken. I registered it right away.

I quick put together a simple web portal having links to my favorite pro-White sites. I also  put my photo and name up there at the top left, and a little article about why I created the site and how I have come to think of race; the evolution of my own thoughts about it, just as food for thoughts for White people.

Being handy with graphics programs like InDesign and having a printer, it wasn't long before I had printed up some stickers. These  were about an inch deep and 2.5 inches long. They were stickers meant for putting onto manila file folder tabs.  They were the perfect size. Here is what this original sticker –  cause of humongous Jewish discomfiture –  looked like:

On my next dog walk finding a new crop of Rose City Antifa stickers up and down the town I now did two things: I first removed their phone number and propaganda as usual, then I placed my "whiteid" sticker above the cat, covering him up just slightly in a little gesture of dominance. By the time I got back from Thurman street –  because they stickered up and down from Burnside to Thurman –  the cat was well-neutered and the radical domain "whiteid" was prominently visible atop of him. It felt good.

My Lord you had better believe that the anti White stickering crew came back very soon, and they went crazy. They simply put up their cat again atop my whiteid, and also continued to expand their hits, stickering more places.

They would often put 2 or 3 stickers on the same surface, such as on  the side of news stand. I had come to know their whole circuit. They heavily plastered 21st and 23rd streets, with intermittent hits on 22nd, and down Glisan toward the World Cup and here and there on lower numbered streets. They were covering a lot of territory. My dog walks with Moby began to be long and my poor pug would be pretty tired out and happy to be home.

I was beginning to really enjoy this, and I made it a routine every 3 nights or so. They didn't let up and I didn't let up. Continuing to be astounded by their gall and over-confidence that White pride and identity were evil, I felt like tweaking their heads a bit more. In a creative mood I made a tiger –  something more impressive with their cat –  and put some words beneath it such as whiteid or another acronym I thought up: "White Identity Love Defense." It spelled "Wild" and was perfect.  Sometimes for  variety I placed my W.i.l.d. tiger on top of their Devious Cat in a position of dominance –  their phone number stripped away as usual. So now I had a 2nd version of my monkeywrenching sticker. Here is what my new, 2nd sticker looked like:

Sometimes I would be cold, tired, and wet. It began to feel like my paper route when I was young and had to get up at 3 am  and walk through the dark, deserted, and sleeping city. But it felt much better than that. Sometimes I would be out until sunrise. But it felt good. I realized that I was easily besting these people whoever they were, and that they were putting in a great deal  of work each few days replacing their stickers plus expanding more. I was really giving them a workout. It was hard to believe, in fact, that one person was doing all the antifa stickers, but rather a team. Thus this old man was flummoxing a team of likely younger white-haters. 

Always easily bored and enjoying to create new things, I began to take a felt tipped marker along. After each cat-neutering I would draw an arrow through its head as in "hit by wild Indians." I would make its eyes into X's the way that cartoon artists indicate that somebody is dead.

My third level of intervention. The wild White Indians
taunt the Zionist Thought-Control Cowboys.

I am sure by this point that  they were very riled up, just like one of those hornets nests on a summer afternoon. My cheeky arrow/dead-eyes art on their cat must have  really exercised them!

I was always open about my views. I never tried to hide them. The domain sticker pointed them to a domain which featured my face and name, and my address was easily searchable in association with the domain ownership. And that was a very part of my message and point: Whites do not need to be ashamed of being pro-White. There was criticism of Jews at the site, or links to sites like that.  But that was appropriate, because most anti-White intellectual movements as well as our immigration invasion –  have a strong Jewish origin. You  can't talk about protection of the White peoples without discussing Jewish agendas (this story will illustrate this). And I was sophisticated enough by now to know this. Thus there was that content at WhiteID to also shock our mystery antifa. I didn't know much about the  so-called "antifa" at this point, but later did learn the "Rose City Antifa" was a wing of "Anti Racist Action," which was founded by a Jew. I knew it was likely that my stickering crew contained at least one or more young Jews. So I am sure that when our little night crew saw the domain and went to it they were properly scandalized down to their boots. They had to do something and teach me a lesson.

A Bigger Cat

I get creative. They seemed so confident in their view that ethnic
cleansing is good for Whites and so adamant in their
stickering runs –  I decided to goad them a bit.
I made this tiger to sit above their devious cat.
The "W.I.L.D." stands for "White Identity Love Defense." Cool, huh?
Their cat had been placed very prominently on a utility box where there were no other stickers.

I assume that they easily found out who was putting up the stickers simply by looking at my website, my photo, and my name. It wouldn't take a rocket scientist.

So came a morning when I walked out my door at the Saint Francis and found that my face was plastered up and down the street on big posters.
The posters had a very large headline: "Nazi Trash In Your Neighborhood."

I called my kids and informed them of the unpleasantness and they joined in to take them down. They had plastered Northwest Portland from Burnside to Thurman with these posters. Many telephone poles had 3 or 4 of them on one post. Where there were 4 news boxes, the antifa  would put them in the windows of at least 3 of the news boxes. It was very aggressive, and the newspapers couldn't have been pleased to have all their front page windows covered over by my face. We took down perhaps 500 posters all in all.

Nobody likes to be called "trash" and most people don't want to be called "Nazis," especially if they are not that. Unpleasantness was what they wanted. But I  immediately began to see the good in it.

For one thing, it cheapened the "Nazi" slur, a slur often thrown at good men without rationality. If I had to be a target to give other men a break and a wider berth, I was happy to take  the hit to do that. For another thing it showed what extremists anti-white types and leftists are, and how dishonest. I had never even read Hitler's "Mein  Kamf"  and felt he was the worst thing that ever happened to Germany. Later I created the site which shows that Nazism rose out  of  a homosexual cult and that Hitler was a homosexual. No, I was not a big fan of Hitler or his strange crew, his Himler or his Goering. But I was a fan of the German people. I also knew that Jews had been  criticized by hundreds of Gentile leaders, kings, and queens years and centuries before Hitler was born, and that the ancient "Jewish question" is not defined by Hitler and whatever he did or didn't do. So I thought that the posters showed they are extremists as well as  dishonest. I also knew it would be good  for the pro-White image if  a  long-haired, yoga-loving astrologer was found having opinions against White genocide instead of the stereotypes they usually like to lift up to turn Whites against themselves.

Immediately I heard that this group was crowing about  their doings on a mystery website they operate. On the site they made no mention of their long-standing sticker plastering campaign, or the fact that my stickers simply rode along on top of theirs. Rather,  they started their article by describing me as an old guy who had been unaccountably  "plastering" the Northwest with "racist posters" –  as if my stickering campaign had no connection to theirs.'  Straight manipulation and dishonesty. They also attributed many other stickers to me –   whatever stickers in Portland they disliked –  saying that I had put them all up. (I had no connection to any stickers but the two described above.)

In their poster and on their website they published my address with the sinister intention that  I would be become a target, that perhaps it would invite lone wolves or violent attention from various and sundry, and perhaps just to create in me a feeling of threat. They encouraged the town to give me negative attention to "discourage" my activities.
Now mind you, none of the characters who write for the page write in their own names or identities. Their proud symbol, on their own stickers, is a stealthy cat hiding its identity behind a bandanna-mask. Yet they write  like such self-righteous lords as if every citizen hears their views as an edict.

I ended up  living in the Saint Francis for 5 more years and never  had an incident. Out on the street I had  no definite negative incidents, just occasional stares from certain faces as I might walk to the Post Office, and they might whisper to each other and look again. They were usually Jews.  But I did get positive attention on the street. A tall fellow might go by me and raise his hand to his forehead in a salute.  A woman ran out from a McMennamins and I passed and followed me saying: "Can I meet you?" I said, "Hello. Do you know me?" She said: "I have seen your website.  I am three-quarters  German and a quarter Dutch." I smiled and she ran back into the  restaurant. I was also phoned and visited by a couple of different pro-White activists. The turning of heads when I passed cafes and restaurants became a new experience. I realized that being notorious is one of the forms of fame, and maybe a form that I prefer the best.

Just after the posters went up, then down again with the assistance of my daughters, I was called by the 
Willamette Week. They  asked if they could interview me. I wasn't interested thus did not return their calls. I knew the paper was in tribal hands and that any interview I did would be twisted and used to create a negative impression about me with selected editing, cobbling together things out of original context, etc.  My initial  instincts about the deceitful nature of present mass media were later confirmed. A story  came out that that array of stickers peeled from various places around Portland, saying that I had put all those stickers up. Only two of them were mine: The simple "whiteid" sticker plus my big, ferocious cat. The rest of the stickers were more patently offensive, and the paper was stating matter-of-factly that I had put them all up. I had seen them here and there about Portland on my walks, but they weren't mine. Why did the Willamette Week state this so matter-of-factly? Apparently because the faceless "antifa" told them so. So it seemed there w as a  relationship between the "respectable" Willamette Week and the face-covering antifa. The antifa created a newsworthy scene, then the Willamette Week spun it the way they wanted to, in such a way as to slur pro-Whites. The very publication of the antifa graphic in the W. Week –  my face with the "Nazi" headline –  was a way for them to further slander me and create more tension.

But the young Jews who largely make up the Antifa had made an error: They had brought to public attention a person that the more canny Jews would never bring to public attention: A pro-White who wasn't a raving lunatic or an ignorant country bumpkin. They had screwed up. This was the message I read between the lines when a rabbi, quoted in the article, took the "noble road" and  counseled that this is not the way to deal with my type.  I am sure the fellows putting up the stickers got  an educational talk around that time.

Reading the article on their shadowy website, and how they crowed about their great act of plastering my face everywhere and slandering me, I reasoned that they were probably disappointed with how quickly and thoroughly their posters came down. I sensed that they would probably strike again. Just days before all this happened I had  started a fast. Now it was about 3 days since finding my face outside my apartment door, and I was on the 8th day. On this third night I decided to take my usual sticker walk and see what was happening out there. I knew that  they wanted me to hide, to be ashamed to show my face. Delightfully, there had been no censure from anybody on the street or even discomfort with old friends. The great shunning the tribalists had hoped for was not happening. The people around my neighborhood knew, in fact, that I was a nice enough guy and that I chit chatted with all kinds of people on a daily basis. On  this night I decided to do the opposite of what they intended: I made myself as noticeable  as possible.

That day I had my daughter make my hair into a big topknot on the top of my head. It was a hot summer day, but I put on my long, heavy brown winter coat. I then wrapped my long,  red  scarf  around my neck with its two ends draping log down to the ground, and I walked out on the street. My, did I get the stares. Plus many smiles. There were many people out on 23rd street. The sun was just going down. I saw no new posters or stickers, so I went home for a while. But something told me they would strike again, and maybe that night. Around 11 pm I went out again, wearing again my long coat, topknot, and  scarf. Sure enough, there was a fresh "Nazi Trash" sticker plastered again on a pole. Down the street were more. Getting to 23rd street I found each set of news boxes was newly papered overs with my face. I began going down 23rd street simply removing them. I had  my digital camera and took some film of this as I found then removed them.

I didn't know it at the time but I was  following them, going the same way they were going, and they had seen me. At 23rd and Thurman I paused, took a bit of film while narrating, and removed some 6 posters from the news boxes outside of McMenamins. Then I headed west up Thurman toward the health food store. On an impulse I turned back and  went through the middle of the first block from  back on 23rd. I came out then in the middle of the block towards Thurman and the Dragonfly. 
It turned out that they had been hiding in the dark around the corner from the Dragonfly Coffee Shop. As I crossed the street I was coming directly toward three masked figures like a missile. I realized I had caught them.

One of them said "Julian Lee?" as if quite surprised. This was the "baby" antifa, the guy who had come along for the adventure on a lark, and was not roiling with hate and fear. This one even removed his mask, knowing  the ignoble state he was in. Thus commenced an argument, much of  which I filmed. Throughout I walked backwards behind them, camera pointed at them. We covered about a block as I confronted them, then sick of it I pulled out my cell phone and made a police call. These people were, in fact, harassing me and one of them (the "baby") had a backpack loaded with posters with my face and name.

Stalking Julian Lee: The Jew's

Caught In The Act

Caught putting up a fresh round of posters calling me "Nazi Trash" on Thurman Street, around midnight, this identity-masked Jew harangues me accusing me of hiding my identity. (Funny, huh?)

"Why isn't your name on your stickers" he challenges. Having just printed new "WhiteID" stickers that actually displayed my name and face to show I was uncowed, I answered:
"My name's on them now!"

The Willamette Week apparently saw this video and decided to twist my sentence "My name's on them now" –  as an 'admission' that I had put up the motley collection of stickers that the "antifa" collected and handed to them. They wrote that Julian Lee took "responsibility" for them at "his website." They did not say what "website" that was (YouTube) or what I actually said, or the context. "My name's on them now" only referred to my little "WhiteID" sticker, and not the assortment they had collected from around town and handed to the Willamette Week Dishonest media! Though seeing the dramatic video where I find my stalkers the W.W. "journalist" never mentioned this event or the video. The paper then quickly dropped the story. Were the Jews of Willamette Week protecting the Jewish youth of the "antifa"? who I caught and videoed? I think so.

Seeing me one said to the rest: "Is he calling the cops." They immediately went running down the street and took fast turns down side streets. Two of them ran back the other way after a second and  it was all rather like the Keystone cops or scared rabbits. Just at that point my memory card went "Full" and perhaps that is for the best. I would have unwisely posted that footage, which no young man would want to see posted.

That night I had come out with a new version of the "whiteid" sticker –  one carrying both my name and face. While walking I was putting that up as usual –  in all spots where they'd put their stealth cat. The sticker with my name and face was a message to  these types: "I am not ashamed to be pro-White, and I am not going to let you intimidate me and make me afraid in my own community."

During my backwards-walking argument with the masked youths, one  of them (who was clearly Jewish by the eyes), taunted me with this:

"Why don't you put your name on them?" (referring to the stickers).

He didn't seem to get the irony of this question coming from a guy who was skulking through the night with his face and nose covered up by a paisley bandanna. It had also not occurred to him that my face and name were right there on the website itself, including the domain ownership information easily searchable on the internet.

But this is how Jews argue: They feel that if you are afraid to state your views openly then this must mean they are morally wrong and they have you on the defensive. It didn't occur to him that I was not one of those afraid to state his views openly. Having just posted a new run of small stickers crammed with my very face and name, to his taunt "Why's your name not on them?" –  I answered him:

"My name's on 'them now!"

Here's where it gets very interesting. Having filmed the encounter, I put it up on that very night, from my main YouTube account. My statement "My name's on them now" was included in the video.

Shortly after this there was a new article about the event in the Willamette Week. This article  downplayed the whole thing. Suddenly the story was unimportant and they were obviously wanting to close it out. The story betrayed the fact that writers at the Willamette Week had seen the video. In the article it stated had admitted "responsibility" for the stickers they had presented in the original article –  that collection they'd gleaned from who-knows-where in Portland and displayed in their pages. I had not discussed this on any web pages anywhere. The only way they could remotely construe such a statement was from my "My name's on them now" in that video. But that statement referred to my WhiteID stickers –  not the the others that the newspaper had attributed to me. But the W. Week's decided to make a big stretch, and interpret that statement creatively as "Mr. Lee claimed responsibility for the stickers at his website."'

No website address was given. My actual statement was not quoted, or the context of it. In fact, they made no mention at all of my finding and confronting the group or the dramatic video that I made of it. 

This shows you how a set of small facts from  varied contexts can be cobbled together to create a desired impression, and how today's newspapers routinely tell falsehoods that way.

In the aftermath I saw that of the forms of fame, "notorious" is perhaps the most satisfying. It was a kick to find heads turning wherever I walked. Almost disappointingly, after the "antifa" smear campaign I received largely positive feedback on the street. Strangers would bow in Asian style pranams as I passed. Young men would raise hand to brow in a military salute. People would even run out of restaurants as I passed, asking if they could shake my hand, telling me they read my writings, and sharing their European ancestry. I felt I was entering the realm of The Mythic. The only negative I recall was a Jew riding by a bike who gave me the finger. It all started with walking my dog and removing annoying "antifa" stickers. For that I became a Notorious Nazy. Yet I've not even read Mein Kampf
He disliked deceivers –
The fiery Celtic Satguru of the
White Europeans giving them hell.

I got the impression from this experience that the "respectable" Jewish interests at places like the Willamette Week work in collusion with more covert, shadowy groups like the ARA and Rose City Antifa. It was as if the newspaper accepted whatever the young bandanna-wearers said to them without any proof. I also got the impression that the paper used, as it were, the Antifa youths to create a situation that the newspaper could then report on. So they bandanna wearers could plaster the town with my face, calling me a Nazi. Then the newspaper could "report" on this "strange event" and cluck-cluck about how it's 'not nice to do' etc. –  yet as part of "reporting the  news" –  the newspaper itself reprinted their poster. I have no proof that this is the way they work repeatedly, but it was my impression at that time. The newspaper did not need to concoct the absurd slurs on a critic of Jews –  they only needed some  mask wearers to "create the news" –  then they could hoist the slurs as part of "news reporting." Symbiotic relationship between street Jews and Jews in white shirts and ties. That was my impression.

If this information causes me to lose a lot of Jewish clients, in my astrological practice, I will regret that because I have always enjoyed my Jewish clients and respected them individually. They have good minds and a lot of understanding. Never have I allowed politics or racialism influence my attitudes toward my clients and I have always treated them like a father and given them my best. But war is war, falsehood is falsehood, and I'm not going to be silent about these matters any more.

Homeless triblette of traveling musicians, Portland, Oregon. Photo taken by Julian Lee along his antifa sticker cleanup route.
Some of my folk sitting on my sticker-cleanup route last year.
Long Live the Peoples! Long Live the White European Peoples, Long Live Tribe!

Porn Protest