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Six Wisdom Principles Of Positive Astrology
Locational Astrologer Julian Lee          Copyright 2017 Julian C. Lee Mickunas

Astrologers must reference their own limited life experience  Charts show what an individual experiences, not what's objectively true  There are always positive possibilities with any factor Astrologers who project unnecessary negatives damage their clients  Generally astrologers should not talk about their clients or their readings  There are many systems of astrology 

tarting just last year (2016) Paul DiCocco of Pasadena, California began offering paid astrological readings, called himself "Gianpaolo DiCocco,' and he began attacking many other astrologers. (He seems to feel he can't pull himself any paid readings unless he wipes out competition.)
DiCocco presents clear examples, it turns out, of a negative use of astrology. What he brings to astrology, it seems, is a bit of book reading, his own negative life and negative self, plus a truckload of chutzpah and self-aggrandizement. Oh, I forgot two other things he brings to astrology: Deviousness and malice.

While proposing that the main value of astrology is to fatalistically predict events, DiCocco predicted that Marine Le Penn would win the French election, and that Queen Elizabeth of England would die by September 2017. (See GianPaolo-DiCocco-Failed-Predictions.com.)

Frequently DiCocco talks about his clients and their readings, once finished, on his Facebook channel where he hopes to stir up more work. He publicly talks about their charts, what he told them, and uses them as fodder to make his channels more entertaining. Or to show the fact that he got a paid reading. Or to brag when they followed, according to him, his advice. Especially if his advice was absurd (Like 'Become a nun, it's hopeless.') He literally attacks and mocks his clients after their readings with him. Though he doesn't give their names, this is obviously unethical not-to-mention offensive. Or let's just tell it straight: It's a sh-tty thing to do to your clients.

Above: Why would an astrologer desire to give his clients "zingers"?
Is DiCocco using paying clients to express his resentment at his mother?

But in doing so he reveals a lot of his own ignorance about astrology. Because he'll tell about his "reading," and it presents me with the opportunity to write this article about how astrology works.

And especially to tell why we should always try to make a positive use of astrology that feeds a client's positive thought, their sense of possibilities, spaciousness, and potential chart freedom. It's one thing to try to be realistic about a client's prospects at the moment, within your own aggregated notions of "law" which you must necessarily reference, while always entertaining the humble thought that you don't know it all.

It's another thing to load a client down with negative thoughts about themselves and their life because your own life lacks positive experiences, grace, and transformative magic. After reading through this material you will understand the ignorance and harm done by astrologers like GianPaolo DiCocco.

In one recent Facebook post (above) DiCocco mocks and attacks one of his clients, a mother who had gotten a reading about her son. In the post he brags that he imputed bad mothering to her and "zinged" her for it. "Don't think you're getting away that easy" he croaks, as if he does readings as a means to torture people.

And all of it based on the fact that the woman's son featured Moon-in-the-12-House, with DiCocco unable to comprehend any positives with that.

These next "Six Wisdom Principles of Positive Astrology" will clearly show how misguided and negative is DiCocco's approach to doing readings.

The first wisdom principle is this:

1. Astrologers Have To Reference Their Own Life Experience, Which Is Limited

The astrologer is always, to some degree, relating to himself and his own experience when he projects things from your chart. This means that the better astrologer has vast human experience personally. Yet still his life experience is limited and each person is living out a unique chart/life. A solution to this problem is studying the charts, and lives, of many people. Thus it helps if the astrologer is very interested in "people" and their stories, while looking at thousands of charts. (In fact, the more charts an astrologer sees, the less simple astrology becomes and the less inclined is one to pigeonhole people.)

But even then the astrologer still can't fully comprehend things he has never experienced himself, including both negative and positive prospects that may be in a client's chart. For this reason a good astrologer needs to at least have a third thing: A good imagination, and especially a positive imagination.

It's a funny truth that an astrologer experiences his own chart when he looks out toward the charts of others. For example, an astrologer with a negative 7th House will constantly encounter charts containing relationship problems. The astrologer is just experiencing him/herself via these external "charts of others." He/she is actually the problem. He/she is filtering "what's possible" out there, with his own chart  being the filter on what's possible. This astrologer will develop dire attitudes about relationship and various chart factors relative to that topic. They'll have many horror stories and they'll project these on others. What's never been possible for the astrologer personally will often be viewed as "not possible" for their client. It's likely true that an astrologer can't truly comprehend anybody else's unique chart without possessing a divine point-of-view.

The second wisdom principle is this:

2. The Chart Shows What An Individual Experiences -- Not What Is Objectively True

This is a very important, and profound, concept to learn about life and about astrological charts. Each chart signifies the particular world, and life experience, that the individual is experiencing. It doesn't signify what is objectively true.

In this sad case with Paul DiCocco, who suddenly started doing paid readings in 2016, he mocks one of his clients as a bad mother, on his Facebook, simply because her son's chart featured Moon-in-the-12th House. He thinks that this gives him objective truth about what sort of mother she was. But the son's chart only shows what he experienced, himself, not what was objectively true.

A mother may be a good mother and try to do many things for her son or daughter, yet the son or daughter's own chart will show "how they experience the mother," regardless of what is objectively true. So if you have a family with five children, and examine their Moon, Venus, 4th House, etc. you'll get five different pictures of the mother; five different mothers, though there is only one mother. Each of the five children will have different views of the mother, and tell different stories about her, though she's the same mother.  Because there are five different charts, with five different mother setups in them.

One child may consider her great, the other may be very disappointed in her. On one hand, the mother or father actually do treat each child differently. That's one factor, but not even the central factor. It's really as if nothing can penetrate through and change what an individual is experiencing, if their chart has certain setups. Even that mother, or that father, who treats a child beautifully and gives all they can -- if the child has "afflicted moon" or so on, that child still gets a negative experience of the mother. It's really in THEM, not in the mother.

So you can't look at a son or daughter's chart and see that "their mother is bad" in an objective sense. You can only say "They experienced their mother this way." In the case under consideration, Paul DiCocco has imputed negative qualities onto his client, a mother concerned about her son, based on a look at the son's chart. But this is delusional and unfair to the client. The son's chart does not show what her mothering was really like, in objective terms. It only shows the karmic limitations, in experiencing, of that son.

The truth is each person is experiencing  a unique life, and even a unique world, and we can get insight into what they are experiencing, in terms of life and world, with a wise and imaginative reference to their chart. But it doesn't display what is truth for you, or for others, in some objective sense. You simply get insight into their personal experience.

I'll talk about my family to illustrate this further: My brothers and sisters  tend to argue about "what our dad was like." We each have different experiences.  This emerged in later life with a few sharing sessions with my siblings. To my little brother, Dad was a guy who pressured him about attaining things in baseball and sports. He became rather sporty. Me? Never heard of it. My father cared not a bit whether I did sports, so I never did. My oldest brother tells stories about my dad taking him on sudden, spontaneous jaunts about town, through the woods, down by the river and the railroad tracks. I can't even imagine my father doing that with me. It sounds like a different person. My dad was physically warm to me, often giving me an affectionate squeeze. But I seldom saw him treat my brothers that way. My father often conveyed to me his social and moral views. He seems to have kept these things hidden from my older brothers. One of my brothers remembers my dad as a flirt and lady's man. Me, all I ever saw from dad was reserved gravitas around women. My youngest sister, I was surprised to learn, did all kinds of home improvement projects with my dad. I don't recall him ever engaging me in such interesting projects. With me, he would simply ask me to dig holes and move rock now and then. My oldest brother was taught things about making model airplanes and soldering electrical connections. Dad never showed me a thing about either of these topics. When my brother Victor spoke, dad would listen, and seemed to be charmed, befuddled, and even intimidated by Victor's wit and book knowledge. On the other hand, my words seemed to be worthless to my dad and he expected me to constantly listen to him in long monologues that led up to a final clever lesson or ending. He made me a listening post. He encouraged Victor to speak but discouraged me from speaking.

So each of us had a different father, though it was the same person. And this difference can be seen in our natal charts vis-a-vis "the father." We were each simply experiencing our natal charts, our Saturns, our Mars, etc.

Now the third wisdom principle is this:

3. There are always Positive Possibilities With Any Astrological Factor. A "high end" set of possibilities always exists.

In the case with Gianpaolo DiCocco, he sees Moon-in-12th-House in the chart of a son of the client. He chooses to interpret this negatively though there are many positive possibilities with Moon-in-12th. The fact that DiCocco doesn't anticipate any positives shows that he read something negative about Moon-12 in a book, may have 
had negative experiences with his own mother, and is now projecting his bitterness onto the client. He has a skewed life experience and hasn't studied many charts. So in his Facebook post he crows about identifying her as a bad mother. In truth there are many positive, high-end themes that will be associated with Moon-in-the-12th-House. Here are a few:

-- The mother is highly intuitive.
-- The native intuitively knows things about women.
-- The mother loves the seaside, forests, and secret gardens
-- The mother is very self-sacrificing
-- The mother often has psychic intuitions about her son and his needs, like a magical wise mother.
-- She is delicate and sensitive. May have an extraordinary sense of smell.
-- The mother likes to be solitary, in retreat.
-- The mother very much enjoys beautiful untouched natural places. She likes to go camping and be nature.
-- The mother creates a refined, refuge-like home
-- The mother is highly creative. She may paint or work with music.
-- The mother is mystical, perhaps meditates and prays, and has had mystical and visionary experiences.
-- The mother serves a lot of people, is charitable, helping unfortunates, which could include stray animals.
-- The mother is unusual and sometimes hard to understand.
-- She may have had some profound losses in her life.
-- The native (chart carrier) has a mysterious and complicated family situation, containing some mysteries.
-- His family owns beautiful, rarefied lands and properties. The family owns a refuge for themselves. In later life the native will also have secluded refuges/land for himself.
-- The mother has no life of her own, may cut the figure of "co-dependent," having no self, utterly giving
-- The mother is secretive. May hide things around the house, for example.
-- The mother is sometimes confused, loses things, gets lost driving about town
-- The mother is viewed by him as a kind of saint, like a goddess to him
-- The mother is a psychic strength to him, always felt as behind him, backing him up
-- Women tend to tell him secrets, and often back him up, are secret allies in his corner. (Think of that one. Does development imply that one had a bad mother? Or the opposite?)

Keep in mind that the moon is a water planet (Cancerian) and the 12th House is a water house (Piscean), thus in my mind the mixing of the two fields creates Trine energy, so the combination tends to throw up the more powerful and positive themes. Moon-12 is in fact an analog of Moon-in-Pisces, and themes will be similar. If you do some wide reading on Moon-in-Pisces, from good observers, that position likewise is associated with some rare and beautiful themes.

I am sure other good astrological observers could add much to this list, and much of it wonderful. Note the last item. On the day I wrote this article I had a "year ahead" reading with a European client living in South America. During his last year's Solar Return Chart he'd had the Moon-12. I asked him: "Have you spent significant time in unusual or solitary places with women the past year? Such as associated with your work?" (Here I've been doing readings for some 30 years and I still ask questions, not presuming "I always know." I learn more that way...) He said, "Well, not exactly, but last year there were a few women I worked with who were always telling me secrets, secrets about the workplace and various people there." This was his Moon-Twelfth during that year. It was beneficial and comforting to him, and see how it matches some of the items on the list above.

Based on Gianpaolo DiCocco's Facebook post, he construed a son's Moon-12 as a negative, and used it  as a rationale to impugn the mothering of the client. None of this was necessary, and unless DiCocco were a reliable psychic -- which he doesn't claim -- it amounts to him simply projecting his own negative experience or ideas on her. His attitude may have come, in part, from material he has read in astrology books. But this material, also, is always flawed, it varies, and it contains, at best, the  personal experience of the author or astrologer who's writing. Some of the authors of astrology books are cranks and negative personalities. (Many of the things written by by Debbi Kempton Smith, for example, in "Secrets from a Stargazer's Notebook" are theatrical, black-and-white, ham-handed. That's what sells books I guess.)

The fourth wisdom principle is this:

4. Astrologers Who Project Unnecessary Negatives On Their Clients Damage Their Clients

I'm not going to comment much on this one because it's obvious. The astrologer who projects unnecessary negatives on the client harms them by turning the client's mind to negative thoughts and expectations, and in a few cases, because the astrologer may have creative power behind their word. Making statements is an influential activity, especially when doing so under the color of astrological authority.

The fifth wisdom principle is this:

5. An Astrologer Should Never Talk About Their Clients Or Readings, Including When The Client Is Famous, And Should Not Speak Publicly About Their Client's Chart -- Even With No Name Attached -- For The Sake Of Entertainment Or Ego Or To Mock The Client

This one is also obvious and not much needs to be said. I know that I would be pretty pissed off if I paid money to get a reading from an astrologer, then found them talking about my chart later, and the reading, in a mocking way or a way that put me down. It wouldn't matter either that he doesn't give my name. I'd be mad as blazes!

Now finally the sixth wisdom principle is here:

6. There are many systems of astrology, in fact as many systems as there are individual astrologers.

With the stronger astrologers, their systems "work" very well for them, quite often. And that's all. For example in my system, I might be looking at that son's chart -- the one mentioned in the foregoing comments about Paul DiCocco, and I might not deem him to have moon-in-the-twelfth at all! Because I find more accuracy in locational charts, if that son was living somewhere away from his birthplace, I might see his moon in the 1st house instead, or the 11th or so on. A Vedic astrologer comes up with a different chart entirely. And likewise there is a variety of astrological systems even in western terms.

You should never take anything an astrologer says as gospel or a final truth, but just his opinion based on his own experience, based on his own reading which is limited, based on his own imagination or lack of it, and even based on his own synastry with you. For example, the astrologer who has his own natal Saturn in affliction to your moon, or your Mercury, he'll tend to dump loads of negative on you, simply because of that incompatibility between you and him. Same way as some friend or co-worker might dump negative on you, because they have that same Saturn against your Mercury. Astrologers can't, in general, rise above the laws they themselves try to describe. Thus all astrologers will be helpful to some, hurtful to others, by that same law.

You should especially not take it on when an astrologer projects negative things about you, or about your future, and when the astrologer has a tendency to do this with many clients. They are just projecting their own negative life, and negative mind, onto you.

My System and My Observations

In my work, Locational Astrology, I find that all possibilities exist for people, eventually, when the right time comes combined with the right place.

There is nothing that's impossible in the end.

Then in my spiritual life my quest has been to find the ways we can thin the chart itself, make it less gross, less dualistic, and less problematic. We do this by purifying and thinning our own body-mind, which is where the chart itself is ingrained. If you can imagine a stain on white linen that can be gradually made less dark through the influence of soap, or by the rays of the sun, or some other cleansing power -- that is how  we should also imagine the chart that is embedded in our body. We also evade negatives in a chart by giving conscious, intentional fulfillments to various factors, allowing, say, Saturn to "work itself out on you" by allowing certain discomforts. I call this the "pebble in your shoe" principle which is a huge Saturn-busting power that anyone can use.

Once you understand the possibility of actual freedom from the chart, through gradually making it less gross or by practicing certain forms of "allowing" in your life, you come to comprehend how negative and destructive it is, when astrologers proceed as if there is this insoluble dark law, and they project a bevy of negatives onto you based on limited reading or their own life and their own nature.

In my article, "How Astrology Really Works," I lay out six realms of life in which astrological phenomena play out. This link is available for all to read at the top of Julian Lee dot com. "

Astrological phenomena" means, of course, life phenomena. All that happens in life. I discuss in that article how astrological transits play out in these six realms:
1 -- What you think
2 -- Sensations in the body
3 -- What you hear, see, or notice
4 -- Actions you feel like taking but don't take
5 -- Actions you do take, and
6 -- Occurrences (Events that Happen).

I explain there how fulfilling things at the earlier levels, such as thinking of a thing, or noticing a thing -- modifies what can happen at level six; how "fulfillment" of a transit or natal factor at earlier stages nullifies the need for it to manifest in levels 5 and 6.

For this reason, it is actually not possible for an astrologer to predict what will happen, and if they are dealing with a person who has this wisdom, they are doubly unable to predict.

In other words, to take two examples: As soon as a client starts meditating, or starts giving good NOTICE to small things that are presently happening around them, these things all being related to their chart and transits, the client immediately begins to lift himself, or herself, up and beyond the ken of astrologers.

With knowledge and a positive mind, you are free, and your trajectory of freedom will grow. Astrologers who don't understand these principles can only trap you and burden you with their own baggage. Meanwhile negative astrologers magnify your worst baggage and make your life more limited and blighted.

From these considerations you can also see that "predicting what will happen" is the lowest use of astrology, and a fool's errand. In fact, when an astrologer does predict what will happen, he/she is really predicting what is provided in that astrologer's own chart and transits. The "world" of happenings and "other charts" is simply a projection of that astrologer's chart.

The higher use of astrology is to use it to improve and enlarge our lives and prospects. An astrologer who can't even see your possibilities and potential enlargement -- can't help you do that.

It has been my pleasure to explain to you these Six Wisdom Principles of Positive Astrology. It took a life of astrological study and observation to see these things, and I know they will help you no matter what your chart. In particular, it well help those who are studying their own astrological charts -- and especially the ones who have painful items -- to be less damaged by the study of astrology.

If any readers are pleased by the long list of items for Moon-12 that appears above, realize it's so rich because for my entire career I've been looking at the right chart, the chart that works the best, which is the Relocated Natal Chart for those who have left their birth locations. It's like having a front row seat on how astrology really works. And it allows you to see Planets-In-Houses more clearly because, First, you're looking at a true case of a planet-in-a-house and not a false case (in this case Moon-12), and Second, it allows one to "put a planet into" a house when it wasn't there before and watch it come in. (New phenomena arising in the life.) Likewise you can "take a planet out" (via relocation). Watching the new planet "come into" a house, as well as watching it leave -- allows you to see what a planet/house really is, vis: "I used to live in Colorado, with the Moon-12, and my mother was always gardening, shy, and a recluse. Now that I've moved to Upstate New York, with the Moon-11, my mother (still back in Colorado) has joined organizations to save the world, is into politics, and is a radical, very mental, and is hanging out with her friends all the time. I changed my own moon and thus I'm seeing my mother manifest differently. Now I see clearly what Moon-12 is compared to Moon-11."

In many cases when we in future review negative readings given by people like GianPaolo DiCocco, we'll see that -- aside from the unfortunate negative-spinning given to a factor -- that he and others are not even referring to a valid factor in the first place. (e.g. DiCocco's unfortunate client's son may not have carried Moon-12 in the first place, because he grew up away from his birth location.)

This is the best astrology, the most accurate, and it's an astrology that allows you to change things -- for real. This is the astrology that will sweep the world.

Julian Lee, Locational Astrologer, December 20, 2017

Below: Full screenshot from DiCocco's recent post mocking his client after telling her she was a bad mother, likely due to his own mother issues and negative experiences with his mother. He encourages his Facebook followers to join in and mock his paying clients after he mocks them and publicly discusses the readings he did for them.


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