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"Locational astrology shows you a life
you can choose."

Julian Lee

  Your Current Location Analyzed  $75
Discover how your current town and state is influencing you. Be amazed at Julian's non psychic accuracy in describing your life based on your present domicile. This reading is often more interesting and accurate than the average $150 life reading given by west coast astrologers. It's like a locational analysis and life reading in one! Find out what's going on now, and what could change if you lived somewhere else.  30 minutes, with Julian personally. Tape and charts included.

  Double Comparison Analysis           $120
In this reading a place of your choice is compared to where you presently live. Julian first talks about life in the current location. The analysis of current location, alone, acts like a basic astrological life reading. But you may find it more accurate and interesting.  

Astrological Timings
By Julian Lee

Dramatically Increase Success
With Natural Laws of Timing!

Julian Lee's

If you are not pleased with the results of your event Julian will give you a full refund if claimed within 30 days.
(He has never had to do a refund, but the guarantee's there!) Julian Lee is the ONLY ASTROLOGER who offers a satisfaction guarantee for  his timings. And he uses techniques and knowledge unknown to average astrologers.

per timing
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Real Estate Sales listings
Increases the liklihood that you sell your property. I have always gotten very good results with these.
1 Pay on PayPal using julian "at"
2 Type birth data into the  message pane (both if  a couple), and state whether one of you originally bought the house
3 Name the ideal months or range of months s for listing in your mind
4 Allow one week to get you the timing via email.

Note: These instructions are generally the same for all timings below.
Note: If doing a timing requires more than one chat or phone conversation, I would rather not do the timing.

Photo Shoots
Improves the charm of  pictures taken and photographic results.

Increases receptivity and competence of performance.

Festivals and Public Events
Dramatically increase fun and positive social energies.

Performances and Concerts
Some performances are special and go especially well, others go badly.
Under my timings you'll have more of the first kind. Get a timing from me when you need to do your best, and please the whole world.

Film Shoots
Marketing Campaign Launches
Add the tming factors that bode well for high exposure,
high public receptivity, and high profit.

CD Releases
Improve likelihood of attention and public affection for your work.
Book Releases

House or Apt. Move-ins
Increase likelihood of a smooth, problem free arrival, positive findings the first day and night, and a pleasant time in that residence.

Dramatically improve the fun, enjoyment, and attendance of your party.
Have "parties of a lifetime." One of my favorite things to time.

Hot Date
When to go out with that special person, or when
to go out socializing to meet one.


$50 Per Person,
Julian Must Be Provided with Destination (Country, City)

Movie Screenings
Dramatically improve the reception and prospects of your film project, both short-term and long term. I need to know about the movie, the story, etc.

I Do These By Email Only with the exception of film screenings.
You can phone me about your film screening timing, but no other timings.

How to Get My Timings:
1. Pay the the fee at using this email for payment:
Julian "at"
(Use the normal @ symbol. It was written that way to foil spammers.)

2. In the "Message Pane" provided in PayPal, before you finalize payment, tell me in a couple of paragraphs what your event is, and what you are hoping for it.

3. Provide your birth date, place, and time in the message. (If a couple selling a house, provide both birth data and tell me if one of you bought the house originally.)

4. Tell me where the event is to be held (city and state).

5. Give me the "possible dates" or a range of time you need or prefer
to work with, such as "March 12, 18, or 22" or "A Friday in the month of May." Or, "January-February-March."

6. Wait one week for your date and time to come in an email.

I promise one week turnaround on Timng requests via email or your money back.


Julian Lee's technique for locational analysis is significantly different than the linemap approach, but it does include and encompass all data found on an such maps. Linemap data normally makes up less than 3% of the data Julian uses in analyzing a place. His technique for timing recommendations is also significantly different from standard astrological technique.

The Geostel Brownbook
If you like linemaps, order Julian's book, "The Geostel Brownbook" for better understanding all astrocartography maps. This is Julian's upgrade of the astrocartography "brownbook" describing locational influences as shown on linemaps. Surprisingly different from the ACG material. Also more detailed, real-life, and nitty-gritty. Comes from a career spent entirely in locational study. "The Geostel Brownbook" may be one of the most important and useful books on the planet today. And you  will "blow it" in your astrocartography studies if you don't have this book. A must for any astrologer. To read parts of "The Geostel Brownbook" click here

What His Clients Say:
"Julian Lee is the genuine article, an amazingly talented astrologer
with real compassion for his clients.  I have had traditional Western and
Vedic readings done but something always seemed amiss. Julian has perfected a system
that is astoundingly accurate. Don't waste money on an astrocartography reading.
His system is much more sophisticated and specific."
A.C., Hollywood, California

Click Reviews to read more reviews from Julian's clients, including timing results.

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