All of my locational recommendations from the date of January 1, 2013 onward come with a
full money-back satisfaction guarantee.

The deal: If you move to the location I recommend and are not glad you did after 3 months there -- I will refund your entire fee.  I assume no other responsibilities or obligations in your life except the original fee.
(Please read "Move for your own good reasons" in the article Little Things To Know.)
No other locational astrologer offers any sort of guarantee, or assumes such risk, or backs up their advice in this way. This applies to the $195 reading or $300 readings. (These are the only reading in which I recommend a location.) Read below in this column for how to get your guarantee.


Locational Research Briefing,
One Location

Locational Research,
One Location


Double Comparison
Compare your current location to the one  or two that you are considering.

Found her husband in Atlanta
(Marriage was her prime goal.)

Move Satisfaction Guarantees Starting 2013:
All who desire it please email to me your mailing address. I will mail to you a signed printed guarantee as described above. Note: This is not a guarantee that you will "like my advice," or that it will be the same advice as another astrologer. It applies to movers and move satisfaction only.

For  paying via PayPal use:

For all correspondence, always phone, don't email, please.

Stalled acting career in Vancouver re-started in Toronto.

One of my books.


(Because some are interested)
My Views on Politics,
Race & Immigration

Beyond Astrocartography:

Locational Astrologer Julian Lee


Find your more prosperous places for living
with a Master Locational Astrologer.

  Lower Left Column:
See irate new email from Woman angry at me for turning her down and refunding her. 

Pleased with her
move to
Asheville, NC
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Happy years
in California
Family man,
 desperate at Amazon, Inc.,
Didn't believe he'd do
 Much, Much Better --
in India

"Locational astrology is the master key to understanding everything about your life, good and bad, and to certainly and surely changing your life in definite and selected ways. Further, locational astrology is the most accurate form of astrology, period.  Nothing touches it. And it has been my concentration, sole focus, and passion for 25 years."
-- Julian Lee --

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 Don't play with your life.
Hire the world's most experienced locational astrologer to help you
make your fateful move decision.
More Information Continues Below!

Julian Lee, Locational Astrologer

Basic Reading or
Your Current Location Analyzed  $85

Any questions except where to live. 30 mins. More detailed and accurate than a typical astrological reading, all location-based.

Better technique:
Sometimes very small moves east or west can bring major life changes.

Above: According to ACG/linemap theory, things are mostly the same the within 300 miles. Not so. I expected profound changes in experience for this client by getting only 4 degrees westward
to li
found a job right away

(She did get the job and did move to Alaska.)

Little Things To Know
Ins and outs of working with me. Read this for fun, or if you're crazy about this site, or if you are really planning to get a reading with me. 

To My Callers from Outside the U.S.
The best approach is often to use SKYPE. If you have Skype installed, give me your SKYPE user name when you first call.  If you have a phone number, leave that, also, in your initial call.

Possible "Stumped Fee"


I sometimes decline to give an opinion if I feel there is no better location at that time. At that time you will be refunded whatever you paid minus $50.
Even when stumped I usually give locational information and guidance that most clients find to be valuable.
Please read Little Things to Know

I estimate that more than 95 percent  of my clients are satisfied with their life results as a result of my recommended moves.
This means a few are unhappy with their moves. You can't please everybody. Please read "move for your own reasons" (not solely on my advice) in Little Things To Know.

Big House Sold Next Day Using My Listing Timing

For more information about these services, see:

Research Services & Fees

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written messages from
Julian's relocated Clients.

Research Services

And Fees

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Read this fascinating
with Julian Lee on astrocartography maps,
Jim Lewis, and the Locational Astrology Revolution

"Julian Lee is the genuine article, an amazingly talented astrologer 
with real compassion for his clients.

I have had traditional Western and Vedic readings done but something always seemed amiss. Julian has perfected a system that is astoundingly accurate.

Don't waste money on  an  astrocartography  reading. His system is much more sophisticated and specific."
A. H., Hollywood, California



Little Things To Know
About working with me

Above: My declined cases for one year.
All refunded when I didn't think a move was right for them at that time.

An Unhappy Email From One an Almost-Client Who I Refused and Refunded Midstream


"I sit here after our conversation absolutely appalled at not only how you spoke to me, but also at your extremely abrupt and unprofessional ending to the call. 
By simply voicing my view on living in England, you suddenly turned, somehow taking my thoughts and feelings absurdly personally, then deciding to end the call and refund me. I cited one of the important aspects for me up front, as being a tropical/warm climate, so when you mentioned England, of course it's not immediately appealing to me. If you wanted to explain why it's good for me, all you had to do was talk to me about it, i was willing to listen and take it on board, because I paid you to listen to what you had to say.  I am enormously disappointed with my experience with you and will be sure to voice it. I had high expectations of you and your work, Julian, but instead was met with a number of false-start calls, no ideas on our first reading call, and just then, a man who decided to abruptly and rudely end a reading due entirely to my initial thoughts on living in England.   What is wrong with you? What a complete disappointment, and not to mention, you hung up on me, how terribly rude and disgusting. Hanging up on somebody is plain childish, as is not being able to listen to or understand someone's thoughts or feelings without taking it as some kind of personal insult.  I expected a professional, adult experience, not one of conversing with someone acting like an overly sensitive child.
To say you've left a bad taste in my mouth is an understatement.


Note From Julian:

This client was immediately very negative, dissing, and dismissive the moment I named the locations I was going to describe, which I very much dislike (when that happens in a reading).

She had wanted a warm place, and one of them was warm, and the other was her home country in the same longitude. The location was a little mixed, with some strong positives along the lines of her goals, but with a couple of difficult aspects. It was going to be work to make it work and require a positive attitude from the start.  More about that below.

With her immediate negative reaction I no longer had faith in her ability to make it work, and didn't want to do all of the positivity and faith work for her.

It is important that my client hold back on negative reactions to my idea until I am somewhat into the presentation or, ideally, afterward. I write about this in the link "Little Things to Know."

Although this client actually heard the locations I had come up -- through my work and time spent -- I immediately refunded her (5 minutes after hanging up, after telling her I was done and had nothing more to say.) I fully refunded her with no "stumped fee" though I put time on  her.

Oddly, this client had a mother who had taken my advice and moved to a foreign location and done rather well there for some years. Yet you can see she speaks to me disrespectfully like a hellion in her email. Her extreme negativity in the email above confirmed to me that she was going to be a difficult person to work with in the long run.

 It should be understood that I don't have patience for negative-talking people and especially for rejecting my words just as  they're coming out of my mouth.

I am often perceived as rude by clients I am turning down, especially if it's due to their own negativity. At some point I have to hang up the phone, they they want me to keep on, so they always say "You hung up on me."

I have the audio of this, and may end up posting  it here so readers can see whether I was "appalling" with her or not. We'll see. 

Here is the email that I sent back to this client:


"You were fully refunded.

"I can't always give recommendations.There was nothing to tell you beyond what I said. I hang up when I'm done and when there's nothing more to say.
"I found your reaction to my initial presentation very rude and disgusting. I almost always abort the reading when the client gives a negative reaction within seconds of my speaking. I found you very unpleasant to talk to.
"So-called "false start" calls were nothing but my work getting the best audio connection before starting. If this is considered a major matter (being sure the audio is good and re-dialing) that's a bit petty don't you think?
"Again, you were refunded immediately. My Lord, I even told you the locations I worked to find!
"I am going to post your email on my website immediately to let people know what I'm like when I get negative reactions before having the opportunity to speak."
Julian Lee

This event brings up a subject that needs to be added to my "Little Things To Know" page but which I've not written about here. That is: Success and happiness do not arise just from a locational chart, but that attitude matters. Not just in making a locational chart work or give its best. Attitude matters in this life.

Yes, positive attitude and,, let me say it -- Faith -- are important factors in success "in a location" i.e. in this world.. This knowledge of better chart factors does not superside that. I have found that clients who have a positive attitude toward life, and toward my recommendation -- do better with whatever charts I have found for them. It's simply the truth. Now, my own attitude and faith is key in this work. Something people don't realize. But I don't want to have to do all the attitude work.

Occasionally I do get people who I feel trend towards the negative in thinking and in speech. These people make me work inestimably harder and I may feel  it's likely they'll never be happy in their locations.

Part of what I do in this work -- and it's an important part and draining part of the work -- is to literally believe in my client's vision along with them and for them. I have to get to a place of faith in their particular vision, myself, or I can't do a good reading.

I feel that if I don't speak about the good prospects with sincere faith and positivity -- it is less likely that they will come about. There is no question that there is a spiritual aspect to my work. This faith of my own, in part, is what I give in my work.

If I have to do a lot of rebuttals -- to a client's negative words or reactions -- I feel it's increasing my own psychic or spiritual work, like somebody making themselves heavier while I'm trying to lift them. I also feel disrespected personally when a client blurts out an "Aaack!!" or "Ick!!" response immediately when I reveal my recommended location, before giving me even 60 seconds to begin laying out my reasons. That itself is childish. I have written about this at "Little Things."

I have found, also, through long experience that the clients who are more negative or argumentative with me in the reading, do the worst, have the least results in the new location, and tend to be arguing with me for the rest of their lives. One warning sign is when "Everything is bad" in the current location, as I interview them. I find that people for whom "everything is bad" often end up saying the same thing in the new location.

In reality, it's metaphysically impossible for "everything" to be bad at any given time. One of my unhappy movers (I have at least 5 percent unhappy movers) went to Alaska. In the original interview, "Everything was hell" in Ohio, especially her house. Later after initially liking Alaska and buying a house she liked -- she was calling me and telling me "Everything was hell" again.

Again, the locational chart is not everything. Attitude, the spiritual life, the positive or negative trend of the mind, the way we speak to others, efforts made, and even the act of meditation-- a powerful chart lightener! -- play a role in success.

We make a bad chart worse with our attitude.

And we can even make a good chart (location)  bad -- with our attitude. Which is kind of amazing.

With me, if a client seems to have  a negative trend of mind or speech, I usually feel they will be an undue burden and don't wish to take them on as a lifelong project.  This is especially true if the location I want to give has strong positives with some definite negatives, or is mixed while it assists in their goals. Like, a close-to-stumped case but not quite. Then, attitude is huge. With this sort of chart it's even more important that the client be a positive type.

I will be soon adding this material above to the "Little Things" page. Thank you for reading it.

Approximately twice  a year I abruptly end a reading for various reasons, especially if I plan to fully refund the client and they have annoyed me.

She called it "childish." (Imagine a rather harsh, razor-L.A. version of a posh English voice). I never insulted her. But I think you can see from the numerous insults and almost abusive words in her email -- what I was dealing with on the attitude front. (By contrast her mother is a good listener, thoughtful, and respectful I have to say.)  I won't be disrespected nor will I carry all of the  weight for a client.

-- Julian Lee
Before you move, hire an expert in locational influences, and find the best place for you and your successful life. Benefit from the same laws of location that assist all successful people. You might have heard of " astrocartography" maps. But there is more to locational knowledge than linemaps. Get the hopeful  realities on your situation from Julian Lee, a  master locational astrologer.


20 Years Full-Time Practice
Specializing in Relocation Only,
No other profession for 20 years..
Lee has dominated the field of Practicing Locational Astrology
for nearly two decades.
No other astrologer has had more clients,
or more client relocations to his credit.

Over 7,000 Personal Interviews and Recommendations With Chart in Hand, The Best Way To Become a Master. Julian Lee Is The Most Experienced Locational Astrologer
In North America, and probably the World.

Many Successful Client Relocations

Uses Full Relocated Natal Analysis,
Plus OTHER FUNDAMENTAL techniques.
Has NEVER used any Astrocartography map
or any other kind of linemap for
his readings.

No canned or "programmed" material of any kind.
Every reading and solution is unique and
based on the unique assets in your chart.

Pre-Interview Assures He Knows
YOUR Goals. Lee doesn't tell you what you
"should want" or what you "can have."
He believes in your dreams and
helps you get what you want.
Never take directions from anybody
who doesn't interview you first and
hear your goals. When Julian first
began in this profession, nobody else
was doing this, (which he
considered astounding).
Since then others follow his example
in that and other ways.
In fact, he has "copycats" all
over the web.

Mature Experience, Family Man, Artist,
Spiritual Values, Wrote the book:
"Gifts Of The Mystic" and "Signs Of Freedom --
Living Beyond Your Astrological Chart"

Personally Successful, Has Lived
Stably in Beautiful Environments.
Last home, in California, past ten years:

Before moving recently to Portland, Oregon 2 years ago, this was Julian Lee's residence for 10 years in Ojai, California: An historic Mediterranean Villa built by Mead & Requa, on 5 solitary acres, in the hills overlooking Ojai. He wrote "The Geostel Brownbook" in the tower room.

Mr. Lee Uses Only Well-Tested Techniques
That Work. No Theories or flaky techniques
that don't work. (Like city/state synastry, ACG lines, etc.)

High Reputation, Clients All
Over the U.S. and Europe

Clients include couples, families,
professionals, and highly successful
individuals, including some famous.
His clients include: Doctors, lawyers,
diplomats, investors, actors, musicians,
spiritual healers and new-age teachers,
entrepreneurs, CEOs and execs,
highly successful authors,
one highly successful fashion designer
(you see her shoes in all the stores)
trust-fund babies :-)
and the greatest of all:
Wives and Mothers.
Plus a few yogis and even gurus.

Large Practice, two-thirds of
clients are personal referrals

No Linemaps or ACG-style Maps
Have Ever Been Used
"Anybody who's using a linemap, or even refers to linemaps or "lines" in his work, does not know what he's doing in my opinion. Linemaps of any kind are a grievously limited technique. No serious locational astrologer is interested in them. I know that sounds amazing, but I mean it sincerely. Linemaps are just eye-candy; consumer products that actually "dumb down" locational data. They are highly misleading and leave out critical information. I have not touched, or ever looked at an ACG map or linemap for over 15 years. I have never done even one reading based on, or influenced by a ACG map or other linemap, and am probably the most successful locational astrologer in the world.
Don't toy with your life."

Wrote the Geostel Brownbook,
Giving Completely New Information
About Locational Factors.

(In his Geostel Brownbook Julian describes ACG linemap Venus, Neptune, and other factors differently and far more fully. He wrote it just to show his expertise on the ACG factors, to show that ACG material is both limited and often incorrect in describing even those factors, and to help people using linemaps to be at least better-informed about ACG factors.)

Has influenced the field and other astrologers
are now employing fundamental new techniques
first uncovered and taught by Mr. Lee.

Started his Practice Offering
Full Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantees

Julian Lee is a confident astrologer.
And his readings are:
1) Far more detailed and rich, and
2) More specifically accurate
than what clients are accustomed to from other
astrologers of ANY type. Many astrologers have had readings from him to learn about his techniques. After a reading from Julian Lee, many clients are not satisfied with readings by other astrologers.
Lee is highly verbal, quick, and fluid.
His readings (recorded for you) are loaded with
condensed and explicit information,
not vague or rambling talk.
Many clients think Lee is a psychic after his readings, but he does not use his physic ability in his work.

Along with experience comes caution and wisdom.
Lee is conservative and doesn't play with the lives of his clients. He moved to Alaska based on an Astrocartography map many years ago, and had  serious life losses there. From that experience, he discovered the deeper principles of locational astrology.
He only recommends locations when he is sure it will help. He is experienced enough to know there is not always a ''locational fix" for life problems, and turns away clients regularly. Any astrologer who thinks there is "always a locational fix" for all clients is lacking experience or honesty.
He prefers "strong cases" and noticeable results.
After working on you, he may decline to give an opinion
at this time. (This cannot be known in advance.)
Lee turns Down/Declines About
30 Percent Of All Cases, With Full Refund.
'Honesty Is the Best Policy"

Reasonable Fees
$195 -- $300

His card in the Card Deck:
King of Clubs
Birth Date: 3/23/57

"The King of Knowledge"

Lee's astrological aspects:

In astrological literature, this aspect is
associated with the strongest natural astrologers



Sun in the House of Astrology,
plus Mercury and Venus

Uranus, Planet of Astrology, in the 3rd House of Knowledge, Communication, and Consulting and Ruling the Career House

Pluto in the House of Home & Location

All Readings Digitally Recorded, and Provided To You
as an MP3 File, or Mailed to You on CD

Mr. Lee can show you a significantly more prosperous place to live, including many great places missed by linemap-based readings. Beginning  with an astrocartography map over a decade ago, Julian has developed a sophisticated approach to relocational analysis that builds on the work begun by pioneering astrologer Jim Lewis. On the cutting edge of geomantic knowledge today, Julian has over 90% client satisfaction. (Please read DISCLAIMER below.)

 Julian Lee, Relocational Astrologer
 This is the one professional astrologers hire
when they are thinking of a move.

Julian's clients have included professional astrologers, and he has taught his system to other locational astrologers. Relocational astrology can benefit you greatly by finding you a more prosperous living-place for your goals. Many have found Julian Lee's analysis of their current location to be  more accurate and specific than other locational readings. He will bring up the critical factors missed by other techniques.

A move will change your life in powerful ways.  It's a good investment to get the opinion of one of today's most reliable locational consultants, a true specialist.

Research Services & Fees
To contact Julian call


It's always better to call rather than email. Even if you only want to inquire, feel free to call me. There is no obligation. If you leave a message I will call you back as soon as I can, and answer questions you might have. I normally get calls returned in 2-10 days. If you are an existing client and need to talk to me about something, always phone if you want an answer. I try to respond to emails when I can, but they take second place to phone messages. My response to emails can be very slow! Calls take priority! My phone number is: 801-901-3511.

ON PAYMENT: I am paid by personal check, in U.S. funds. I can also be paid with cashier's checks, money orders, etc. in U.S. funds. I can also be paid via www.PayPal.com if you have an account with them. All you need then is my PayPal email address. (Which I'll give to you over the phone.) Please do not attempt to pay by wire transfer, by MoneyGram, or by Western Union, or any other commercial wire service. Again, please do not send payments by any kind of commercial wire. I don't accept them. I ask my European inquirers to especially refrain from sending payments by wire. I can't accept them.

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The Geostel

New Guide to
A*C*G maps

Writings Of
Julian Lee


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of the


DISCLAIMERS: "Astro*Carto*Graphy" is a registered trademark. Julian Lee is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, the owner of the "Astro*Carto*Graphy" trademark or any licensees to the trademark.Julian Lee assumes no legal liability for any damages, losses, or other consequences of relocations subsequent to, or based on, his consulting services, or for other client decisions, subsequent to, or based on,  his consulting services.

"Since moving here  I have completely gotten  off  the  anti-depressants.

Also, the pain in my back is almost completely gone. I even went  snow-boarding last week.

I'm now in a relationship with a man I like. Never have I lived anywhere that felt this comfortable."
Joanne F., moved from
Northern California to Idaho

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Astrological Timings
by Julian with a Money-Back
Satisfaction Guarantee
Performance Dates -- Presentations -- Releases -- Parties -- Public Events -- Trips -- Festivals -- Hot Dates --
I am particularly good at astrological timing, though I am under-utilized for this. I get particularly good results in getting the homes or real estate of my clients sold. (I can also give you powerful timings for selling any item.) My clients usually have surprisingly fast results getting their property sold. My real estate sales timings are only $50, and have a full money-back guarantee. The guarantee is: If you don't get a good offer within 30 days I will give you a full refund. To get a real estate timing, follow the directions at the link just above.

Note: Astrological timings are the only services I offer that have a money-back guarantee.