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Many have made moves based on his advice.  Settle in!  There is a lot of reading here...

Julian Lee observes confidentiality with his clients.
The following sampling of clients have given permission to have their comments published.
Some have requested that their names be initials only. In a few cases they have requested created names.



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What Julian Lee's Clients Saying

Delivery-date: Fri, 27 Jun 2014 19:36:36 -0400
Subject: You were stumped, but gave us a good idea anyway

"Julian, we are so grateful for your skilled locational astrology research! Your information helped us find a good place to relocate after dealing with a health challenge that turned into a financial challenge and into a housing challenge that left us without a place to live... 

"I know you search for locations that are fantastic on all levels and if you can’t find one you refund ones money minus 50 dollars. When that happened to us, we were amazed that you continued to do research on locations that could still improve our current situation. And the location in Arizona we moved to did!

"We approached your information as an exploration and went on a road trip to check out the towns you [gave]. As a result, we were able to find a sweet house in a lovely town that we wouldn’t have even thought of without your information. And just like you said it was reasonably priced. We even heard about it before it was on the market! Everything then moved forward quickly on the exact date you said would be a favorable time for us to secure housing.

"Now we sit on our porch appreciating that we have a 2 bedroom, 2 bath home that is safe, affordable and attractive with healing views. A place where we can rebuild and heal our lives. It is exactly what we had on our prayer and wish list! Thank you so much Julian!"

C.D, Arizona


Note from Julian: I classified this couple as a "stumped" case and refunded the bulk of their fee. However, I still gave them something I knew was better even though it didn't rise to all of my technical standards. They ended up going there and quickly getting a house after a long period of car-camping.


Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2009 07:36:38 -0800 (PST)
From: KD <****>
Subject: Rave REVIEW

We had been racking our brains for over a year to find a great place to raise our newly born daughter.  We felt so congested, confused, were struggling financially, and had little energy where we currently were. We couldn’t understand why everything took so much work!  When my friend suggested you, I was a bit skeptical, but I jumped in anyway. 

Our reading with you was incredible.  Without knowing us you pegged what our current frustrations were living in Milwaukee.  When you told us Lawrence, Kansas – I about freaked!  Kansas?  I was convinced we belonged living in the East Coast. 

But, after visiting Lawrence for a week we knew this was the place we wanted to grow old in – we were lighter, happier, and made immediate connections. I have made a couple of profound friendships with other mothers who share my child rearing values. Just days before we were due to arrive in Lawrence, KS, my husband got offered a dream job from a multi-billion dollar company that has offices in Kansas City and Lawrence. I keep telling everyone who asks, “I can’t remember being this happy and at ease with life.”  Then I tell them about YOU.  We are so blessed to have found you.  Thank you – AND you are still helping us now as we decide where and when to buy our new home here!

But, in this market – how to sell our home?  It looked impossible.  We asked you when would be the best time to sell our house – you checked your charts – our charts and said, “Saturday, September 13 before 3pm for a quick sale.”  Can you believe we had our buyer (without contingencies) in 6 weeks.  He put up $20,000 in earnest money and didn’t even call for an inspection.  We sold it at 96% of our asking price!  We packed up and moved in 2 weeks and got to Lawrence, Kansas on the day you suggested would be a great arrival day.  You were right again.

Just days after we left, Milwaukee started getting hit hard with record snowfalls.  I sort of feel like our selling and moving were events out of a James Bond movie – with your guidance we circumvented many possible pitfalls. 

Hugs, Karen and Dermot
Email received January 2009

Julian --

I had a reading with you back in June 2007. I took your advice to move to Southern California... My life has been charmed ever since. I got a great job with payment towards med school loans that's never been given before or since. I have panoramic views of the ocean. I'm living with my wonderful boyfriend and we are planning a family. The women who recruited me to Hoag is one of my dear friends and we went to India together last February. I am surrounded by lovely new friends and feel I have found my home. Thanks. I tell many people about my success and your guidance. I sincerely hope you are able to help my mom, Ann M., as well.

Thanks so much!

K. M.
Letter received fall 2008

From: Rosalie Christie <rochristie@****.net>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2008 07:27:56 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Move

Hi Julian,
years ago I consulted you and you suggested northern CA. I relocated to San Francisco, one of my favorite cities, and quickly found a great apt. overlooking the East Bay. I also got a great position at Nordstrom and my consulting business still continued in southern CA. Financially, things improved dramatically. Thanks for your guidance.



Date: Fri, 2 May 2008 22:51:12 -0400
From: "Layla H." <*****>
Subject: My relocation to Arizona

Dear Julian,
Your reading for me and my fiancee, now husband, was perfect! 
When we were considering two other locations you rightly pointed out that these moves would be big mistakes. In retrospect, they would have indeed been disastrous! When we began considering relocating from New York City to  Arizona, you didn't hesitate in your enthusiasm once your reading was complete.  Since we moved here, we've acquired a lovely condo, my husband got a great counseling job which, even with all of his credentials seemed to be impossible in NYC. As for me, I'm about to buy into a soulful little coffee house that seemed to have literally 'dropped in my lap'. Our quality of life has improved in every way, and in large part we have you to thank for it.
So....Thank You!
All best,


From: <****>
To: <>
Subject: new reading
Date: Wed, 8 Sep 2004 12:02:44 -0400

Dear Julian,

I never respected astrology as much before as I do now after having had a couple readings with you. You opened my eyes to the possibility of defining the forces that work with me or against me at various times and places in my life. And I know now it is possible to utilize a sort of "universal cooperation" to help me reach desired goals.  Just one example, two years ago you told me Florida real estate was okay for me, so my partner and I bought a condo there.  Recently, you urged me to "get out now!"  We sold it for a 20% profit (after expenses) and 39 days later Hurricane Frances made landfall 50 miles away. Imagine my anxiety level if I still owned that condo---I was relieved I no longer did. 

Greg Papa


Dear Julian Lee,

Hello, my name is Tommy Anton. In early 2003 I commissioned a Master Location Reading from you. The enclosed magazie article was written in 2004. I am finally getting around to sending you a copy. Perhaps you'll find a use for it on your site. (Or, at least, enjoy reading it.) Also I am recently engaged to be married. My fiance and I would like to know if you do optimum time and place [selections] for ceremonies.

Letter received March 2008

Note from Julian: This client, a songwriter and performer, had immediate phenomenal success upon moving to the location I recommended to him. Magazine article to be posted soon. Last time I talked to him he had three original songs getting radio play, which is the holy grail of songwriters. (Song titles: "Stained Glass Maze," "Hollow Bamboo," and "Take Hold Of Your Heart.") He had toured 167 days in 2007, had developed a relationship with a great woman (mentioned above), and was all jazzed about a new vegan lifestyle she had taught him and how healthy it had made him feel. The magazine notes his great success on arriving cold in New Jersey, and the fact that he used a locational astrologer.


Hi Julian,

Thanks for the great reading! Your understanding of locational astrology is unmatched in this field. Also, thanks for the extra location.

Thanks again,

Letter received April 2008



What an exciting new life I am living in Austin. I go back to New York each year and realize how much happier I am in Texas. Oh and I've mastered many secrets in Feng Shui! $ in Red Envelope.

Julian, You Rock!!
J. Dorsett
Card received Jully 2007


Received: from MARTINIPATRICIA@*****.com
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2004 15:35:57 EDT

Greetings Julian,

It has been almost four years since I took on board your recommendation and moved to California. It took about four months for me to secure a position out here, but, since that time I have nearly doubled my starting salary and I thoroughly enjoy my work. My boss is even the type of person you described.  To put this into context, for the previous eight years of my stay in the US, I had not lived in one state for more than a year and had never worked more than six months for anybody. 

I feel 'at home' for the first time in many many years and feel a contentment that I have never felt before - it is truly amazing!.  This contentment could be due to several factors, my settling down in the USA, my age, or my just finding that 'right fit', but I do feel that your guidance, recommendation and advice was not only accurate, but also played a very important role in my happiness.  Many thanks for a job well done.

Patricia Martini
Received August 16, 2004
Note from Julian: This client is English, and became the personal assistant to a the writer for a hit television sitcom, and soon also was able to make substantial investments in real estate, including 3 rental properties in different parts of the U.S., something she had never done prior to the move.


Dear Julian,
Hello from Parma, Italy. Just a little note to say thank you for your guidance in Dec. 2006 as I am really happy and have found almost everything I was wishing for here. I'm so glad I made this move and feel very blessed to have been guided to you.

All the best,
K. Bensoussan
Card received May 2007


Julian: So far, this place is just like you said it would be. We love it! The people here are so generous that we are feeling overwhelmed. We are looking after a fabulous, mountainside home with hot tub and 4-wheel drive thrown in: All we have to do is nurse a 8-month-old puppy. We are definitely coming back to stay. Thank you so much.

Simon & Abby
Card received 2007.
Note: They were checking out Boulder, Colorado before moving there. (I usually advise this for all clients.)


To Whom It May Concern:

I moved out to San Francisco. In retrospect, it has become quite clear to me that your input was right on target! I immediately felt right at home here, even though for awhile I was terribly homesick. I felt some kind of “positive shift” in how I conducted my affairs and in how I perceived Life in general. I was able to find employment during a difficult financial time as well as being able to quickly make friends with a wonderful group of people. One lady I met during my first month in San Francisco recently told me; “When you first got out here you looked so down-trodden” Yes I was, …but things quickly shifted in very positive ways for me. When I would talk to friends back “home”, they would remark that I sounded stronger, happier, with more self confidence. Even they felt that if I gave in to my initial feelings of homesickness, that I would be regressing. All of this feedback simply reinforced my instincts about how Julian's insight into my situation was remarkably accurate and helpful. Several close friends eventually commented that he had really tapped into what was a good move for me on many, many levels. I would highly recommend Julian Lee to anyone, and I have recommended him to several close friends and associates. His wisdom and insight are genuinely his Gifts to people who are “in transition” and seeking some meaningful direction in their Lives. I am very thankful that he is  in my Life and I continue to access his wonderful Spirit.

With gratitude,
Christiane Cloutier


From: "JM" <jm@***.net>
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2005 22:18:32 -0900

When I called Julian in 2001, my life just wasn't working for me. I felt troubled and uncomfortable in every aspect. Julian recommended two places, and I moved to a small town in Alaska in May 2002. Since the day, I came
here, almost three years ago, I have felt so contented with life. For the first time, I am showing and selling my art in a gallery. I have a group of terrific and supportive friends, my health has improved, my finances are grounded, I have a great job, and I live in a house that's just perfect for me -- it even has an astonishing view! In addition to recommending places to live, Julian gave me information to make my move successful, such as a specific date to list my house with a realtor. It sold the very next day for the full price! The buyers paid cash and we closed ten days later, which certainly helped me buy my new home in Alaska.  My realtor asked for Julian's name and phone number after thinking I was a bit of a kook for making her wait two days to sign the contract. Imagine knowing you have a place to live that fits your needs and desires and a specific date to make the move. Best of all, my friends and family come visit me each summer to play.

Received February 16, 2005


Dear Julian,

Hi -- How have you been? You did an astro relocation reading for me in Februray of 2006 when I lived in Arizona. We moved back East in December of 2006 and lived in Pennsylvania for 10 months, then moved to the Jersey Shore six months ago. I am so glad to be back on the East Coast. In fact, you gave me the best astrolocation reading I have ever experienced...I am truly glad that I moved back east. Arizona was so wrong for me, and the east coast just seems so right. Enclosed is my resume to remind you of who I am. Once again, thanks for the best astrological reading!

Terry Harris
Letter received May 2008

Note from Julian: He moved to the place that I recommended for them. This was not clear in his letter. A particular place and not just "back east."  I never speak in terms like "back east" or "the coast," but a particular town or towns.


Tue, 26 Feb 2002 13:44:02 -0800 (PST)
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 14:44:02 -0700


"Just thought I would drop you a note, it has been over a year and a half since your reading, and, to sum it up, things have gone as you said they would.  The first few months I was kind of in the same situation as before I moved, stressful job, not happy etc. Then , I was OFFERED a job that wasn't what I was looking for, but has worked out quite well. My current job is relatively stress free, enjoyable, and better-paying. Instead of being the least-experienced tech, here I am the most knowledgeable in my department, (and the highest payed). I enjoy the surroundings, and feel much more "comfortable" here. I realized recently, that I haven't felt depressed in a long time!

"The move went well, I was charged LESS than quoted, cable man showed up JUST as the movers were done, etc. I had picked my apt. over the internet, but it was just what I wanted, and I really like it. On that note, I am considering buying a condo, and would like to know if that is something you could advise me on  (is this the right time, etc.)"

Thanks, Gordon Kean


Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 23:24:26 EST
Subject: Byron Bay

"Dear Julian,

"Just wanted to give you an update.  I had a reading with you in Jan, 2001 -- we have moved to Byron Bay [Australia] on Jan. 31, 2002.  The house did not sell at first, took it off the market and put it back on in Dec. and it closed Feb. 14.

"You were so right.  I love it here and have already found a great rental and will look to buy in the next few months.  Devon [son] is having a hard time adjusting - says he was happy in California and wants to go back.  The surf is great and I am sure as soon as he makes some new friends he will be great.

"Am on a juice fast and feel my whole life is about to change for the better. I went from financially stressed to retirement of UAL in May of 2002.  Just could not do that job any more.

"Thanks for all your help getting me to the best place for us."

Faye Mather

Moved from Sebastopol, California to Byron Bay, Australia January 2002.


Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2001 22:52:08 EST
Subject: I made the move! From Tea Bondurant

"Dear Julian:

I made the move you recommended for me a little over 6 months ago, from Ft. Lauderdale Florida to the Northwest.  I have landed very close to the "bullseye" so to speak, that you pointed me at. I experienced some confusion over my employment delimma, when I didnt successfully secure employment in the exact area you were leading me to, and actually did secure a very promising position, about 90 miles southward.  I took your advise to go ahead with the move, and try to settle as nearby to the recommended town as 

I wanted to write you a letter to send a "Thank You" for the recommendation.  My deepest gratitude to you, and happiness with my good fortune to have crossed your path..... is due you.  The change in location, just as you predicted, has resulted in a significant change in my quality of life, and overall security, not to mention, my perception of personal happiness in my life.

I have nearly doubled my income, and finally obtained a position of employment, that I feel is worthy of what I have to offer. My daughter...... she is well placed in a special education class here, that is fostering a new sense of self esteem in her mind.  She has taken up playing the violin, joined the basketball team, and is feeling success in her classes.
[Note by Julian: Success and happiness of the daughter was a primary issue in this case.]

I finally feel that paradise is just a hop in the car and short drive away to the mountains.  A paradise that during the summer months, I visited nearly every weekend.  Pitching a tent by a mountain stream and letting the music of the water lull me to sleep.  Waking up and wiping the dew off my coffeepot and lighting a fire to warm me.  Beating my drum to make the sun rise over the luscious green mountain ridge.  Pure Heaven on earth......... thats how 
it feels to be there. And thanks to your commitment to serving others with your talents...... I have been given this gift of happiness.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I hope all is well with you and your beautiful daughters and wife.  I would like to employ your services again in the future for other readings, as you have mentioned on your website.

With gratitude,
Tea Bondurant

 Moved to Everett, Washinhton June 2001 from Ft Lauderdale, Florida


"Hi Julian,

"William McConnell just wanting to touch base w/you about how things are going w/my relocation.

"First of all I would never have considered moving 'out west' before your recommendation. It's almost ironic to me that California was NEVER a place that I was interested in living before, let alone a place I even wanted to visit. When I thought of places I would like to visit/live before it was Colorado or Florida. So anyway coming to California is entirely on your recommendation.

"...Right now I feel as if I owe you a huge debt of gratitude for the recommendation that you have made for me. And I know that things will not always be rosey. Julian I really feel GRATEFUL for this recommendation to [this place]. Prior to coming out here I never had been west of El Paso, Texas. Not even for vacation or a visit. All I can say is that this is such a profound new experience for me.

"I feel physically different. For the last 10+ years (Oklahoma/Texas) I have had real bad food sensitivities that had a significant affect on my general well being/thinking processes/speech, etc etc.  Since being out here I don't feel that way at all. And if anything I feel as if I can eat the things that once caused problems for me. I feel as if my body assimilates the food/digests it better...and probably this one fact alone has contributed to THE PROFOUND NEW FEELING I HAVE.

"I feel so good that I have to get used to it. It feels almost overwhelming to feel so good...peace...I feel true peace. And honestly I don't think I have ever felt that (like I do now) in my entire adult life. I cannot tell you of a time that I can ever remember (as an adult) that I have felt this sense of peace and love and warmth. Both from and towards other people and the world around.

"...I don't know that I would ever want to be in your position unless I was extremely confident in, and had faith in the system. what you are doing is...a tremendous responsibility to take on. Obviously w/out a doubt you have now become a very important part of my life experience. You have just helped me to open up the next chapter of the rest of my life."

William McConnell 

Moved from San Antonio, Texas to Santa Barbara, California
From email received April 5, 2001
Capitalizations by client

Note by Julian Lee: There was a lot more in this email, shown later.
This client nearly refused to take my advice. He  strongly resisted
my reccomendation because of  an A*C*G linemap.


Sat,  9 Jun 2001 05:14:18 -0700 (PDT)

"Dear Julian,

"It is exactly a year since you did a relocation reading for me.  At the time I was living in Boulder, Colorado and contemplating moving to Scotland (with Italy as an alternative choice).  I found your reading most confirming at the time and wanted to give you some feedback on the outcome.

"I moved to Scotland on 29th September 2000 and haven't looked back!! Within a week of arriving a particular area, north and east of Glasgow (a propos your reading) was suggested to me.  I followed up on that and within 10 weeks found myself settling into an idyllic (rented) cottage right in the heart of what appears to be a very special valley running east from Loch Tay.  Immediately people began to include me in their community, very open and friendly, and I understand there is a very strong and ancient spiritual mythology attached to this place.  The village has a yew tree purported to be at least 2,000 years old, and is considered the possible birth place of Pontius Pilate.  I am in the process of setting up a one-on-one counselling practice but know this is only a basis from which I shall expand.  Already I find myself included in and expressing my spiritual truths -- all with a far greater 'natural' sense than was possible for me in Colorado.  I do, indeed, feel as if I have "come home" and am both healing and moving with my ancestral heritage.  Fears still exist but, essentially, I feel a deep sense of "rightness" in this place.

"And, in October, I visit Italy for 4 weeks.  There is a spiritual community near Turin I have discovered which is creating a most interesting environment and educational opportunity!! All in all, your reading could not have been more accurate to date -- it certainly gave me the inner certainty to implement my hunches.  Thank you so much.

"P.S.  Is it possible for you to do readings long distance? Friends may wish to avail themselves."

Maya Robertson
Moved from Colorado to Scotland September 2000
Email received June 9, 2001 


"Hello Julian, 

I received a relocation recommendation last fall from you.  I just listened to the tape once again and realized how much my life, both physically and mentally, had changed since the tape.  I was desperately almost frantically seeking a home and mentally very frustrated even to the point of depression and that is very evident from my voice and comments. 

"The grand news is that I took your advice and moved to Kauai on May 3rd.  I didn't know anybody, had no idea where I was to live, had never been here and wasn't quite sure about a job.  I just went for it.  All my friends and family thought I was nuts.  But I believed.

"My touring job ended up transferring me May 20th for 6 months of touring the Hawaiian islands which allowed a nice income to get started and gave me the ability to see Hawaii 1st class.  I loved it all but Kauai is where my energy came alive.  I found a house in the most prestigious area of the island by chance.  Friends came. They popped into my life out of nowhere like I'd known them for a very long time.

"When my job ended, a real estate course started and I'm about to take my state boards for certification and a job has been offered even before my license will arrive!  I started a funky little bumper sticker campaign as a joke.  It is going like leaps and bounds, it just took off.

"My goals in the past were always geared toward financial success which came in small bits but went very quickly.  Now its coming in piece by piece with a lot of love and fun involved.  Yet, financial success is nice, I'm so darn happy that I don't think about it anymore.

"I have sent 8-10 people to you since last year.  Most have agreed with your suggestion but nobody has acted to make their move.  I don't quite get it. I'm so content and grounded, I would think everybody would want the same. I would never have even considered Hawaii without your help.  To hear where I was a year ago made me realize just how quickly life can change and your dreams can and do come true. Thanks, a big thanks and a big aloha."

Lisak Marsian
Email received December 12, 2000


FROM: from hummer@...
DATE: Saturday, 19 May 2001 10:05:34 EDT
SUBJECT:  Julian, you ROCK!

"Hi Julian,

"I know, I know, you are not in a hurry to answer email but, what the hey, I was on your site recording the web address for an acquaintance, and...

"THANK YOU!  From the bottom of my heart and the top of my mind, the tippy top, and beyond the tip into whatever it is up and in and beyond inside and outside.

"IT WORKS!  We're doing it!  I'm in Las Cruces, NM, thank you.  Had enough to make it this far and have fallen in and I'm swimming in it. Smells sweet too! You said I'd experience a side of my personality I'd never seen before. 
 Dunno.  But sometimes I feel like a five year old.  Still not a great "second house" but that will come, or it won't?  That will come.  May even be here waiting for me...

"It's been three months, I moved on Feb. 11 -- had to use G.M.T. as a starting time in order to make it here for church on time.  I mentioned helping start a Unitarian fellowship when I was first here.  It's grown into a church and I've rejoined.  Friendly people, warm climate again....

"For the past 10 months I've been taking part in an e-circle, posting and getting to know a small group of friends from Daniel Quinn's website, , from his Guestbook.  Re-learning how to communicate and risk and dare.  Every once in a while I've written and posted a poem.  About a week ago the dam broke.  Since then I've written like 50 or more free verse poems.  It's fun."

"Peace and Love and Joy,"

Hummer Pleshe
Email received May 19, 2001 


"Hello Julian,

"On your recommendation, I moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  On my visit to look for a place to live, I found within minutes an apartment that satisfied my list of requirements.  I've been living there for two months now.  Prior to leaving San Francisco my doctor had given me several routine tests, so that the results could be put in my medical records for future reference. From the results of one of these tests, she decided that I had the symptoms of a life threatening disease, and advised further testing before I moved.  I brought the initial test results to my new location and consulted a specialist.  He told me that the results were not abnormal, conducted the additional test to confirm this, and proved to be true what I had known all along.  I was perfectly healthy and ready to embark on new adventures in L.A.

"In the short time I've been living here, my entire life has changed.   I've gone on two interviews for jobs working in one of my chosen career areas, and was offered the job during both of them.  Doing the work I want to do can now be my reality, and developing a career is a real possibility. I've become reacquainted with a soul mate with whom I'd lost contact several years ago.  I didn't know he had relocated to L.A. Good fortune brought us back together again. I no longer feel chilled to the bone...but blessed by the heat of the sun.  Last year's layers of fat have melted away in the pool at my apartment building, even though I've never learned how to swim.  My body is ecstatic to be able to go out dancing every night.  My life is filled with music, songs of a new me. 

 "I experience everyday the sensation of breathing freely, unhindered and unrestricted.  I am designing the life I want to live, and watching it spring into existence around me.  Julian gave me the information I needed to make the choices that would lead to the changes I wanted to make in my life.  I made my decisions, formulated my plans, and carried them out.  I'm still living my own life, but now I'm in love with it."

Nancy Mackenzie
From letter received Sept. 2000 



'This is Lynda M.  You did a reading for me last Spring in Long Beach, CA.  I was very unhappy there and you said the only place you could totally recommend for me in the U.S.  was Asheville, NC.  I moved here in May, 2000.  The first two months were very rough and I called you in hysterics. I think you told me I had to give it a year and I said I didn't know if I could do that.  Anyway, at around the 4 months mark I was talking to a friend in California on the phone and heard myself say "I am home."  I started to cry from happiness.  Needless to say, things have gotten alot better.  I love the mountains here, I found a wonderful job, have wonderful community and friends, my passionate avocation is thriving and I have a wonderful man in my life.  Thank you, thank you, thank you. Every part of my life is alive and miraculous.  I am sorry I didn't contact you sooner when things started going better, but life is so full, I am just busy living.  Keep up the great work.  You can use any of this (without using my full name, of course) as a recommendation to anyone."

Email received February 2001 

"Julian, in only three weeks here I have already seen your forecasts coming true.  I have had wonderful job opportunities come my way. I am already living in a gorgeous home with a wonderful female  friend. I am attracting nice male relationships. In every way I feel that I am blossoming and becoming more aligned with my soul's purpose.   I have told some of my new friends about you. Julian, you're the best! (I hope I don't have up on too high a pedestal.)"

Susan J. Duncan, 2/99
Moved from New York State to Wyoming
From email and phone call. (Note: This client arrived at the new location "cold"--without any connections there.)

"Dear Julian,

"I just want to take a few minutes to share with you how my life has changed since I've moved to Alaska [the place you recommended]. In seven years back in New York I didn't even have one romantic involvement to speak of -- not even a date. Three months after arriving here I met a man and have been in this passionate relationship ever since. I seem to be able to attract other men pretty easily as well. I'm not letting it go to my head. I just feel grateful to be in a place where I am appreciated.

"I've lived so many places in my life always looking for one that feels like home. I had given up until I relocated here. I never lived anywhere that I could say "I belong here."  Well, the fact is I belong right where I am now in Homer. It's been just a year and I feel like a part of the place. It's like the town has just taken me in with no resistance. Because I feel so safe and welcomed here I find I have the courage to do things I would never have done anywhere else. I feel safe to walk into bars by myself. I even have my own live weekly radio show on the public radio station -- something I've never done. People seem to like me here. I feel much more supported than I have anywhere else. I am also surrounded by the ocean which is so important to me. As you know, I was really into astrocartography maps when we first talked. I was surprised when you said this place had a Jupiter-IC influence for me, because it didn't show on my astrocartography map. But the fact that it really is a Jupiter-IC location, is obvious to me everywhere."

Judith Nash
Moved from Woodstock, New York to Homer, Alaska in 1997.
From letter received September, 1999

"Dear Julian,

"My name is Bob Hauschild, we did a reading last september. than we did a followup shortly after that, where we discussed some different locations for me, and also astrological relocation theories. Well it is difficult to put into a short letter all of the amazing evidence
I have seen over this past year that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that your relocation system works very well. I have seen it proved time after time, in my own chart, and the lives and charts of many other people.

"Simply put, your multi chart relocation system works flawlessly. And it works every time. And in perfect timing with the transits and progressions of the *relocated* natal chart. I have never seen anything quite like it. It definitely blows any "Astro*Carto*Graphy"
interpretations clean away. I have seen dramatic changes in peoples lives with very small moves just because important rulers changed house position! And dramatic evidence for  [your teachings on] the semi-sextile and the inconjunct, especially in the progressed chart where they can move extremely slowly and cause much chaos and trouble.

Inventor Robert Hauschild
Email Received June 18, 2000


"Julian's work is the most powerful technology available to mankind.  Having witnessed the astounding accuracy of his observations and advice, I speak from personal experience,

I first consulted with Julian two years ago.  I had been living on the West Coast and my life was a shambles.  It seemed as though some negative force was always present to undermine my interests.  Irrespective of effort and intent, I simply could not obtain positive results in either my personal or professional life.

"Julian described in remarkable detail the setbacks that I had experienced and the frustrations that would be forthcoming. Julian advised me to abandon the West Coast for a more central location such as Denver, Austin, or Atlanta -- with a strong bias toward Texas.  He urged me to AVOID the East Coast and warned me of serious health and financial losses which could ensue on the East Coast.

"I ignored Julian's advice.  I accepted a position on the East Coast which appeared to be my "dream job" and moved to the East Coast.  I won't bog you down with specific details of my experience on the East Coast, but I will tell you that Julian was correct in every detail.

"Living on the East Coast was worse than swimming upstream.  My employer took a financial downturn and, to make a long story short, this dream job turned into a nightmare.

"Finally, I decided to give Texas a try.  In just a few months, my income has increased dramatically and my anxiety level has dropped correspondingly. My health has seen dramatic improvement.  A physical condition that had gone undiagnosed all my life was not only diagnosed, but cured completely and permanently.  I am building my dream home here in Texas.  On top of everything, my personal life sees more action in a week than I would see all year on either Coast.

"In short, Julian has helped me to find I place where I feel SUPPORTED by the environment and extremely COMFORTABLE in my surroundings."

John W.
All capitalization by client
Review received January 2000

"You did a lovely astro locational chart for my daughter Julie about a year and a half ago. She in fact has now been accepted to medical school in Kirksville MO. It all worked out [according] to your prediction, she actually felt better there than she did in other parts of the country as she went to interview.  I'm calling you now in regards to my son, I'd like the works for him, the locational reading and something to help guide this young man towards his career goals....He's ready.... for astrological input and I would like to facilitate that for him..."
Mariann Bright
Phone message, 1999

NOTE: Julian Lee is a Locational Astrologer. But he does NOT use Astro*Carto*Graphy maps in this locational work, and does not use the "authorized"  Astro*Carto*Graphy approach.
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