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Many have made moves based on his advice. Settle in! There is a lot of reading here...

Julian Lee observes strict confidentiality with his clients, i.e. he doesn't reveal who his clients are, or anything else.
But the following sampling of clients have given permission to have their comments published.
Some have requested that their names be initials only.


Locational Astrologer
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Locational Astrologer
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Locational Astrologer
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Locational Astrologer
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Locational Astrologer
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What Julian Lee's Clients
Are Saying

Subject: Recommendation

"Dear Julian:
[Here's is a recommendation from us--I hope it helps, you certainly helped us!]

"We highly recommend Julian's locational astrology for anyone who has a clear vision of what they wish to manifest in their lives.  We contacted Julian about 18 months ago because we were looking to leave Santa Fe, NM, and wanted to find land on which to build a sustainable spiritual retreat and home for our family.  In a clear, precise, and informative reading, Julian gave us the perimeters of the area where we should search for this land and the timing for the search.  Within 6 days of leaving Santa Fe, we found our land just outside of Trinidad, Colorado, and were able to buy it with the blessing of a monetary gift and owner financing.  Now, we are the custodians of 70 acres of the most beautiful and sacred land we have ever seen.  We feel very blessed to be living in Trinidad.  It's a wonderful small town where we have met many warm and loving people, and our three daughters are blossoming here.  Karen is opening Karen's Gifts From The Heart, a gourmet food, gift, and gift basket store on Main Street this month, and David is starting Southern Colorado's Conservation Resource--a business that specializes in helping individuals and companies cut their energy and water usage.  And one day, we'll have the financial resources to start our retreat on our piece of heaven.  Thank you, Julian.  With the help of your wonderful advice, we are living our dreams."

Karen Moye and David Payne, Trinidad, Colorado
Email received October 3, 1999

"Hi Julian!
"First, I must thank you for your Locational Research Briefing.  I've never  had a reading by a professional before, and I've had some unhappy experiences as the result of  Astro*Cartography-based readings, so I was a little worried.  As a single mother  every investment I make is an important one. In this case, I feel I got more than my money's worth.

"What just tickles me is that the place you recommended is the area I've always been attracted to since I was a little kid, even though the Astro*Carto*Graphy map  had made the place out as negative.  I appreciate your  level of expertise,  time and clarity in explaining how the map  was leaving out important information.

" I am writing because I want to find a safe place to aim my daughter for college. I want the Research Briefing for her, but without her direct involvement. (She remembers our moves based on Astrocartography and that  little brown booklet [the ACG publication] and has no faith in locational astrology.  In fact, I think if she could find the building where the computer resides where they print Astrocartography maps, she'd burn it down. )

"You've renewed my faith in locational astrology. It  helped  immensely knowing it's not just me, or what many people have said is my "bad luck," that keeps me feeling so burdened here.  It was really just  difficult locational charts, and they can be changed!  The mere notion of  relief on the horizon is already having a therapeutic effect on my mind. "By the way, several serendipitous things have already happened, just in the first 24 hours after our conversation, that are pointing the way to Hawaii. I'm  excited!

 "Reveries, wild reveries, lead our lives" ~Bachelard

Again, thanks!"

Debra Lewis, Northern California
From email received March 19, 1999

"Julian Lee's locational research has been a blessing in my life. I knew that I needed to move but I couldn't find a place that felt right to me.  The first I spoke with him I trusted his work.  The process was exciting and when he named the area that would support my goals, I felt layers of grief and struggle begin to melt away.  It took a few days of travel to find just the right spot within the suggested area. But when I found it I felt extremely happy and at home. I would recommend Julian Lee's work to anyone who wants to find more joy and freedom in their exchanges with others, and a more meaningful life. It is truly the work of a genius. I believe we all have genius within that can blossom in the right climate.  Locational Research has been an important piece of my journey to consciousness. I am grateful for Julian Lee and his work."

Susan J. Duncan, 2/99

"The island that you recommended for our "writing getaway" was amazing for us. We both got a book written there. Things  went really, really well there."
A.W., a Writer and Astrologer
Santa Fe, New Mexico

"Hi Julian! Thank you for your call today to check up on us. As I mentioned on the phone, we are doing great. Moving from Michigan to Maine has been a great success for us. Thank you again for your wonderful reading which led us here. When I called you this past Autumn I was really in a down space. I felt I was constantly stuck, overwhelmed with the drama with my ex-husband, and just unhappy in this city, with all those gray skies. Well, as you said, things are different now. I have always dreamed of living on the ocean and here I wake up to it every morning in my back yard. I've always wanted to have fresh air and nature just outside my door but still not have to drive far to get things. Well, this house is on 30 acres (part of an estate like you said I would find) and we are surrounded by beautiful pines. So far we've seen a fox, an eagle, deer, and a seal. And I can pick my daughter up from school, go to the library, the post office, and shop at the food co-op and be home in 30 minutes!!! Incredible! And for this great 3 bedroom house with fireplace and wood floors I'm paying the same rent that I was paying for my 2 bedroom apartment. Oh, and the food co-op has one of the absolute best selections of organic vegetables I have ever seen and as you know, that was a major priority for me. Julian the country club golf course is less than a mile away so we've been sledding and ice skating on the pond almost every day. It is exquisite to go to the top of the sledding hill and look down on the bay and to hear my daughter's giggles and hollers as we go down. She loves it here and I know in my heart that this is just the most beautiful, nurturing place to raise her. It feels like I am giving her the absolute best that I possibly could. You mentioned in the reading that the relationship with my ex-husband would improve and I feel it has. He was here two weeks ago for his first visit. The three of us had a wonderful time sledding and ice skating together before he left. Your finding this location for us, Julian, has improved the quality of mine and my daughter's life sooooooo much I will always be grateful to you. I wanted to share with you something I forgot to mention on the phone. One of the most surprising things to me in being here is how content I am. I've always thought of myself as nomadic...always looking forward to getting somewhere or thinking 'oh it'd be great to live there.' Like my suitcase was always packed to go. Julian now I feel like I don't want to go anywhere! It's soooo great!! I just feel so settled and happy! I never thought I would be like this and then I look at what I have here and I can see why. Hey! You are welcome to visit any time!! It's beautiful and we have plenty of room! The sunshine here is fabulous."

Sincerely, Linda Marie, Mother & Entrepreneur
Moved from Michigan to Maine  1997
e-mail received February 1998
(Extra o's as written by client)

NOTE: Julian Lee is a Locational Astrologer. But he does NOT use Astro*Carto*Graphy  maps in this locational work, and does not use the "authorized"  Astro*Carto*Graphy approach. 

"Since you 'sent me' to Kauai nothing but positive things have happened. I'm meeting a lot of wonderful people. A realtor found me a place right in the area where I wanted to live. Both of my kids are soon coming to visit me here. (You said I would attract my family to me here.) I was telling a man at the temple they were coming and he just said, 'Reel 'em in! Reel 'em in!' Julian, I even met the founder of the Temple in Lihue, the one who publishes Hinduism Today. They say he is a 'sat guru.' He came looking for me and we talked. He is very old. I could tell by his eyes he is a holy man. He encouraged me in my idea of building a center and hermitage here. He even telephoned me once to encourage me. This is what I'm here to do, and now it's all coming together piece by piece. I thank God, and you, for recommending this location and helping me leave New Mexico. I feel the struggle in my life falling away."

Roe Lovelace, Kapaa, Hawaii
Moved from Santa Fe to the Island of Kauai

Subject: Hi from Alexis

"Well, I made it to St. Louis....Took 3 days to find a place to live.  It's a really nice house with lots of room, wall to wall carpeting, all modern conveniences,  wonderful location.  The limitation is that I may have to move in 6-8 months.  I worked out a deal with landlady, paying much lower rent than she'd normally get, if the rental period was just 6 months.  She thinks she might move back in if things don't work out with her boyfriend.  Anyway, I needed a place fast and she couldn't decide whether to rent her house out or not.  It'll give me time to learn the lay of the land and maybe she won't want to move back.  For now it's the same price as my cute, little, hot shack in Ojai.  And the landlady and I are becoming friends. Right now the focus is on unpacking and side trips to explore new and fun places.  Then the job hunt begins.  People are quite friendly here and I've already been out on several excursions with people I've met.  There's a beautiful park across the street where A.J. [my pet dog] chases squirrels and rabbits - he never catches them but it gives him a good round of exercise.  The zoo, Washington University and a huge park are a few blocks away.  The Botanical Gardens are a few minutes away and are spectacular.... I like it here.  Yes, it's humid in the summer but Ojai was hot in the summer.  I'm glad I made the move and look forward to and get scared of the unknown and the unfolding adventure within it."

Best to you,
Alexis Orr
Moved "cold" from Ojai California to St. Louis, Missouri June 2000

It is with pleasure that I write today to give you feedback on my locational reading from November of '96.  I am most pleased to report that the reading and your recommendations were uncannily accurate.  Actually, it was almost scary how accurate. It seems as if your reading was also  a prediction of  things that were to come in the year.

  "My work is moving forward in the technical and geographic areas that you had mentioned in your reading.   I am truly amazed at your accuracy.  I have recommended many people to you. I tell my friends--"He's really a straight astrologer--he's not one of these psychics where you don't know what you're getting." But you made a number of comments that, in retrospect, seemed to have been more than  run-of-the-mill astrology comments. I have even transcribed the reading and I have kept it handy for a year, referring to it often.  I'm a believer and a very satisfied customer.

"As discussed on the phone today, I am sending you a check for $300.00 for more research and for the reading I am giving to my friend.  I will also include the transcript of your reading from last year with my comments. On the transcript I will elucidate on some of the points I made above."

Mr. R. P., New York
Major relocation in 1997
From email December '98

NOTE: Julian Lee is a Locational Astrologer. But he does NOT use Astro*Carto*Graphy  maps in this locational work, and does not use the "authorized"  Astro*Carto*Graphy approach. 
"Thanks again for the reading. It will reverberate for a long time. The immediate effect felt like my circuits were blown! A lot of potent stuff in a short time. The next day, though, I felt distinctly relieved, excited, and infused with a renewed sense of purpose. I'd been feeling very much in limbo, just waiting, waiting, for some clarity and purpose, wondering if I should move. Now I'm accepting being here, enjoying it, and even getting more job offers IN Seattle. My whole mood has changed. It feels a little like falling in love: energy, optimism, and things going my way! If money were no object I could easily want to consult you on a regular basis. I see why kings kept personal astrologers on retainer."

Stephanie Skura, Dance Instructor & Therapist
Seattle, Washington
 Stayed in Seattle

"Julian's accuracy in locational astrology has proven incredible. Over the past two years, consulting with him has made a strong impact in my life.  By simply shifting my attention, coupled with a well-planned trip to a suggested location, the effects have been profound.  In addition, Julian not only has the skill of prediction and analysis, he has also been gifted with the art of listening and discerning.  He cuts through the frustration levels, we all 
experience in our times of need, resulting in heartfelt guidance and understanding that produces remarkable results."

 Claire Kinney
 San Francisco, CA.

To: "'Julian'" <>
Subject: Kudos!
"I just want to thank you, Julian for helping me with relocating.  I visited [the place you recommended] and much of what you predicted began coming true in one visit.  While there I felt as if I had come alive and was reconnecting with parts of myself that had been dormant.  I know that my journey will be eventful and I will forge new spiritual, mental, and emotional paths. Thank you for giving me this basic building block for the next half of my life!
Mary Anne Higgins

"At first I thought your methodology was unorthodox, but the reading you gave was on the nose and after three years everything you said has come to pass. I love that you stay familiar with my chart so that when questions arise I can call and you quickly have feedback for me. Please don't ever retire! You are light years ahead of other astrologers I've worked with."
A.H., Knoxville, Tennesee

"Thanks for helping me find the best place to be while I deal with health problems. Sure wish I had known about Saturn in my 4th House long ago! The Astro*Carto*Graphy map didn't  show it. Without your advice I would have moved back East which might have proved disastrous.
C.H., Los Angeles, California
Stayed in California

"Since moving here I have completely gotten off the anti-depressants. Also, the pain in my back is almost completely gone. I even went  snow-boarding last week. I'm now in a relationship with a man I like. Never have I lived anywhere that felt this comfortable."
J.F., moved from Northern Calif.
To Idaho

NOTE: Julian Lee is a Locational Astrologer. But he does NOT use Astro*Carto*Graphy  maps in this locational work, and does not use the "authorized"  Astro*Carto*Graphy approach. 
"Of all the astrologers I retain for personal and professional purposes, Julian delivers the most service per dollar. He is truly gifted. There are a number of astrologers offering relocational guidance, but there is only one offering this depth and knowledge...It is easy to refer others to Julian. He is professional, compassionate, highly analytical, and a genius in interpreting location."

Ms. Allanah L.
Doctor of Homeopathy
Moved from New Mexico to Georgia 1997

 "Dear Julian,
Wanted to know that Jim and I landed [in our new location] on Feb. 27th (Sat.). We stayed at a B&B those first two nights -- by the evening of the second night, the owners offered us to manage it (2 units) and live free in 3rd unit. We will move into it May 1. The energy here is 'heavenly' -- we have been received here with open arms and feel we're finally home. Jim and I are ecstatic with joy, peace and love. We were meant to come here. The island is supporting us and we're meeting the most incredible spiritual people. I feel our vibration has been increased greatly. Your reading was the first step on our journey. I'll be in touch later by email. Thank you.

Love and Light,
Jan and Jim Wallace
Moved from Texas to a Pacific Island
From postcard received 3/26/99

"Dear Julian,
Thank you so much for the consultation last night.  I have moved to the location you suggested and it is fabulous.  Only kidding, but thank you for making me feel so light-hearted about life with all the wisdom you gave me last night, and for all the integrity you've always expressed when talking to me. I'm so happy that the place you recommend is in the state I've been considering.  On my own, I would have overlooked the city you suggested. But of course, it's perfect for me because it's a university town, which I love.   feel very grateful for your crystal clarity at a time (and place!) when my clarity is cloudy! Your assessments of my present place were amazingly accurate.  I truly appreciated how you could even pinpoint the time when a situation began to improve; for example, my current work situation and my housing situation. Evan my skeptical boyfriend was very impressed by your accuracy in assessing my current life and its recent changes. I'm attending a friend's birthday party at lunch today and I intend to share some highlights of my consultation, and your phone number.  I wish everyone could have the benefit of this wonderful knowledge and your expertise in it.

Sharon L., Fairfield, Iowa
University Administrator
Email following reading October, 1998

"I've been listening to the tape and your reading was incredible. It was truly 'prophetic.' I was even careful not to say much about myself before we talked. I am amazed. I want to find your website to read more about all of this."
Jeanne J., Elberta, Michigan
Recreational Business Owner
Spoken in phone call to Julian Lee November, 1998

"Hi Julian

I just wanted to thank-you for your insightful and thoughtful reading you gave me the other day (Long Beach, CA to Richmond, Virginia area).  I just got done listening to the tape and was touched by your sensitivity and humor.      Anyway, I wanted to share that for hours, and at least a couple of days after your call, I felt very, very excited..... and joyful.  You talked about things in my reading that I didn't even specify, but are nonetheless very 
important.   I guess you could say the gift I got via your reading was that it really hit home to me what is TRUE prosperity.  I've always known that prosperity is more than finances and money, but I can say that I felt this truth in a personal way after my reading.   When you told me that I would have a sense of family and community and that I would never feel too alone, I wept (with happiness!).  I had covered up that need within me, possibly because I didn't know how to live any differently or I didn't know if it would be possible for me.   I've never really experienced a happy family life, and would be most thankful if I knew what that felt like.  see clearly now that prosperity is LOVE, joy, creativity, beauty, self-esteem and freedom.  I don't know what in your reading turned on the light for me... but thank-you!

....Shortly thereafter I was thinking about astrology and the role with spirituality.  I was a little worried that by doing this I was trying to avoid my karma and act out of sync with the natural law.  But then I read a chapter in Autobiography of a Yogi  about how Yogananda (a famous Master) transcended the stars by getting closer and closer to God consciousness.  But before that he wore a "bangle" to hinder the negative influences of the 
stars.   Imagine that, a real Master adapting to compensate for the stars influences.  Anyway, to make the story shorter, I feel OK about it now.  I look at it like a natural tool we can use to make our lives more glorious. My Master has said:

"Make your lives more glorious."

Kristina  Kahill

"I  really did think highly of your consultation, especially in the way you pinpointed my life where I'm currently living. You were very accurate. I think you offer an invaluable service that can really bring peace to people's lives. But I do hope you don't make yourself too tired. All blessing to you, keep well, sincerely,"
Marianne Stone, Santa Fe, New Mexico

"I just wanted to give a big THANK YOU for all the quality time you have given my friends on their relocation adventure. All I hear is how much they really respected, enjoyed and trusted your reading. I am also thankful for the quality time you spent with their friends readings. I feel grateful to know you."

"Julian is an authentic, detailed, and accurate relocational astrologer. His relocation astrology is way beyond astrocartography which in the past gave me very little information to confidently change my residence. He communicates  with clarity and confidence. I feel clear and organized, knowing the next steps to take."
Moreah Jardey, Seattle

  "Thank you for your brilliant analysis of this company's direction. After years of working with you, I am astounded at your exceptional levels of preciseness, compassion and perception. Thanks again for a masterful review."

Andoni Lizardy, Lizardy & Associates
Author, Consultant
Santa Barbara

 "Since I spoke to you an energy of all possibilities has moved into my life. I feel like an unstoppable train on dharmic tracks. You gave me the impetus to follow my quiet intuitions."

C. Scranton, Fairfield, Iowa

 "A huge weight of fear and anxiety was lifted after the reading with Julian. Now I can use that energy to manifest the support and resources needed to make this move."

Rattana Khalsa, Seattle

"When I got my reading from you, I was deep in confusion about where to go in my life.  I had certain "whisperings" about places to relocate to, but was not sure about them. After the reading, I felt very gratified to know that my intuition was right on. You confirmed the very city I was feeling. Before moving, I was jobless.  After moving, I got  an amazingly well-paying job IN THE FIELD I WANTED after only one month!  I'll be calling on you again when the time is needed, no question."

Douglas Graham Bates, Dancer/Actor
From email December 98

NOTE: Julian Lee is a Locational Astrologer. But he does NOT use Astro*Carto*Graphy  maps in this locational work, and does not use the "authorized"  Astro*Carto*Graphy approach. 
"To: Julian Lee <>
Subject: moving
"Hi Curtis--
Just wanted to write and let you know all that has happened since our consultation.

When we talked and you discovered that northern California (Grass Valley, Nevada City) was a location that would meet my desires, I was very uncertain and disappointed. I had never considered a move so far away and never to California. I had allot a psychological blocks about it. I was inwardly willing to look to go as far as the Rockies, but never any further. So I sat with it a while. Then, I figured that it wouldn't hurt to at least check it out, but I'd also investigate the areas I was more comfortable with.

"So I set out on a six-week road trip cross-country (without the aid of a timing from you ). It was even in my mind that I'd probably stop, finding a suitable new home, long before I reached the destination you suggested. As the trip progressed and I traveled through other parts of this great, huge, country I found that though I really liked a few spots (Durango for one)  I still didn't feel the sense of belonging I hunger for. So I pressed on. Feeling discouraged by the time I was in Arizona.

"As I got to the other side of the Sierra Nevadas I felt an easing inside. I don't know how else to describe it. Like a pressure was lifted. I still took a couple days to reach Grass Valley, seeing the sights. When I reached Grass Valley, not knowing a soul, I saw a dress in a store window... it was a type of dress I'd been looking for for years. ( I later bought it). I went in to have a look and the shop clerk and I began chatting. Within the first 3 minutes she said, totally unprompted: "You're moving here aren't you? You belong here." We laughed and connected. Before I left, she had gotten on the phone and found a place for me to stay for the next 10 days!

"From that point on it only got better. I met GREAT people there. All took me in like I was a long-lost friend. I was taken under their wings: Feeding me, caring for me, offering help when I move, a place to stay. In 9 days I was offered three free places to stay, and one job -- without ever asking for any of  it.

"I have never been so well received or felt so liked in my life. I don't know how many times I heard "you belong here" from these new friends. On top of that they will all be good contacts for my area of work, and building a practice -- all influential people in the health care field."

"I love the county itself -- with its quiet  living, nature and beauty. There is art, music, and sunny weather. While there I noticed I felt better inside. I was subtly lighter. The low level depression I've lived with for 2 years was lifting. I don't know if it was the location itself, or finally feeling like life was working with me instead of against. Either way, it felt like a blessing from the heavens."

"One other thing: While there I phoned my mother, and for the first time I can remember in all my life she became "motherly" with me; gentle, concerned. I was floored, really taken off balance. But pleasantly."

"So I am moving to California! I have to laugh at all the resistance I first felt. Perhaps I  needed  a consciousness-shift -- a process that occurred on the trip -- opening to the idea that there is a place for me, that life needn't be such a struggle. We do get attached to our misery, don't we?"

"I so want to thank you. I know I never would have looked at this area with out your guidance. I cannot believe that within 10 days I found more people I consider friends, than the 2 years I have been here in North Carolina. Amazing!  So I will definitely use your advice on timing for the move itself. I do need to go out one more time before I actually move to find a place to live and get work things started. Is that something you can help me with too (timing)? I was considering middle of June to middle of July. Let me know would you please if you can help. Do you do relationships too? I have recommended you to allot of people on this trip of mine. Other lost souls looking for their place. I sure hope for their sake they follow through and use this gift you have to offer. Blessings to you."

Amy Renee Patterson, from email received May 25, 1999. Moved From North Carolina to Northern California Spring 1999

"Hi Julian! Wanted you to see where we ended up! I hope you know how grateful  I am to you for your help in getting us here. Julian I feel I have a whole new possibility for my life and that my soul is happy.
'There are those whose lives affect all others around them, quietly touching one heart who in turn touches another--reaching out to ends further than they would ever know.' 
Thank you."
Linda Marie, Mother/Entrepreneur, Blue Hill, Maine

 "First, let me thank you again for your recent locational chart reading. It was the most informing reading I have ever had. So often, I have come away with a chart and even a tape, yet with little understanding of what was really going on in my chart and most importantly, without ideas for making corrections... (With your ability to articulate with such exactness, you might consider some sort of talk or radio show.)...When you began speaking of Italy and the positive relationships there, I started no shake...I love Italy, and Italian men. Even though I have known for many years that I am a European in heart, I have let others steer me away from my heart's desire and what I felt strongly. If what you have relayed to me-- relocation to Italy or Greece -- will change the conditions [I've experienced here], I will know that I have been divinely guided and I will be on my knees.  My goal is a departure sometime in April 2000. I didn't wish to make you a victim of my life's idiosyncrasies, just that you said you wanted to hear if anything you mentioned ringed true or not. Yes indeedie!"
M. A., Florida

"The Astro*Carto*Graphy  people stated that Seattle was going to be a "neutral zone" where not much would be happening. Do you know what my life was like up there? It was like living inside of a blender and having someone ocassionally push the 'on' switch. I am happy to have found your website."

D. Crothers, Merced, California

"I made it to paradise thanks to you. I've been [here] not quite a month and I've neven been happier -- so true about "feeling nurtured" here. I feel it in my bones. I am totally enraptured by the people, climate and surroundings. Even as I write I'm sitting out on the terrace of the Hyatt Regency, where I've spent the last hour in absolute awe of the beauty -- I've secured a new home, a car and address. Next week I  look for employment. I even purchased two beautiful pieces of art work. I am so happy here and glad I made the move. Thank you so very much."

D. Griffith
Relocated Summer 1999

"I think of Julian Lee as an angel sent to me from God after years of despair. Words could never express how grateful I am to have found him. His guidance has given me a second chance to have a good life."

Judith Nash, Homer, Alaska

Subject: Thank you

"Dearest Julian,

"While driving to work last week, I approached the bridge that crosses the Tennessee River.  There was a low cloud cover, creating a misty sort of watercolor palette of blues and grays in the air.  It felt magnificent to me.  Later, I realized that it wasn't morning that had become magnificent, it was I who had become aware of the magnificence. 

"I began to think about the few and seemingly small events in my life that have ultimately redirected me, realigned me, and renewed me.  And on this morning, in my restored awareness, I thanked you out loud for one of those events. 

"You not only identified the void in my life with remarkable accuracy, you also provided me options to, and relief from, that void.  Your detailed reading gave me an honest assessment of my situation and offered me viable direction. Your sensitivity was comforting, as you blended my mundane needs with my spiritual needs, to find a location which would support the inner and outer me.  I took the chance, I took your advice, I moved to this place, and 
I am whole again. 

"My deepest thanks."

Bonnie Ware

"Locational astrology is the future, and Julian Lee is the foremost pioneer."
Andrea C., Hollywood, California


The results that clients receive through consultation with Julian Lee, and relocation, are varied. Results can be be less dramatic than the examples given here. Results depend on a number of factors, including the technical possibilities you have available in your locational charts.

Basic Readings
by Julian Lee

In addition to his locational specialty, Julian Lee has does "basic readings" in the manner of other astrologers,  including career counseling, relationship questions, and good timings.

"I received the package with the tape yesterday. I will probably listen to it a thousand times. Each time I do listen to it, I hear something new. Thank you. The library in the town has been helpful in locating the books by the author you suggested. You were right. I am not only interested in [this profession], I am drawn to it. Believe it or not, I even have my first client already!"
E.B., Washougal, Washington
Received basic reading with no locational advice.
From letter Dec. 11, 1998

"Julian, I want to scedule another reading. Your readings have been really helpful. It was because of you and your advice that I have been able to get through all this stress with the house, and the legal crisis. And I have a lot more hope now, hearing that my business and income are going to improve over the long-term future."
J.G., Santa Barbara, California

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