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Many have made moves based on his advice.  Settle in!  There is a lot of reading here...

Julian Lee observes strict confidentiality with his clients, i.e. he doesn't reveal who his clients are, or anything else.
But the following sampling of clients have given permission to have their comments published.
Some have requested that their names be initials only.



Locational Astrologer
Julian Lee


What Julian Lee's Clients
Are Saying

"Dear Julian,

"Thanks so much for returning my phone call.  My husband says he wishes he had known it was you when you called, because he wanted to compliment you on your reading!  I've given your name and number to a lot of people over the last two years, but I don't know how many have followed up...

"You gave me a reading in Fall of 1997; and in Fall of 1998 we spent a week in Minneapolis/St. Paul and put a bid on a fixer-upper and moved in on November 21, 1998 (moving from Topanga, California, outside of Los Angeles).  I should say that we spent a year looking in Northern California and Oregon (not your recommendations, but on my husband's preference!)  Nothing seemed to work out doing this---I auditioned for theatre after theatre to no effect; we bid on a home we both liked, and narrowly missed getting it; and while we were doing all this, I was overcome with mysterious and severe stomach pain which necessitated a trip to an out of town hospital emergency room and suffered extreme tooth pain which necessitated 2 root canals and my best-loved cat ran away from our house-sitter and was probably eaten by something larger.  Now, you didn't predict disaster if I looked elsewhere; but feeling completely lost and demoralized, we finally wised up and looked where you recommended.  After several false starts, and several real estate agents later (no, we didn't consult you about timing!) we ended up in St. Paul.

"First, I've never felt more at home anywhere (and at this point I've lived on both coasts of the U.S. and England).  It's completely mysterious to me why this should be so.  I was semi-appalled when you recommended the Twin Cities over both U.S. coasts.  (It was cold and in the center of the country and I didn't know anyone here, although my husband did.)  Research showed me that more Equity actors (Equity is the union of stage actors) made their health insurance here, percentage-wise, than anywhere else in the country (well, the left part of my brain needed reassurance!)  Sure enough, within a year I landed a six month plus contract with a theatre (the longest theatre contract I've ever worked under)---with unemployment in the acting field hovering around 98% at any point in time, this is no small feat.  My relationship with my husband is better and more loving...he's managed to make contacts here much more easily than in California---one neighbor actually pursued him across our lawn after she had read his book to persuade him to contact her writing agent.  He's managed to make contact with and get his book ("The Spirit's Terrain", with a foreword by the Dalai Lama) to both Barry Morrow (screenwriter of "Rain Man") and Bill Moyers (who wrote him a lovely note, and said he couldn't put the book down).  Mysteriously, my husband's publisher, who told him in California that a reprinting of his book was extremely unlikely, now says that they're seriously considering a reprint.  The neighbors are very friendly, always giving us gifts, having us over to dinner, offering to let us borrow things, etc., etc.  I've never lived in a place where I've felt more appreciated for who I am.  The depression that has dogged me (on and off) for years has finally faded away.  I now have confidence that I may have turned a corner in my life; and won't ever have to endure the depth of discomfort I've experienced so far.  (I know one can't expect to escape any hard lessons, but...)"

"I could go on and on, but I think this gives you some idea of my experiences.  I would heartily recommend your services to anyone who wants to improve their life in any and every way.  I'm beginning to think that what you do has more power to uplift an individual's life than any other service I've heard of.  That's quite a recommendation.  I hope others will have the courage, not only to have a reading, but to follow your advice.  What have they got to lose, but those negatives most of us are happier without?!"

All the best, always,

Elizabeth A. Dickinson
Moved from Topanga Canyon, California to St. Paul, Minnesota in Fall of 1998
Email received 1/9/00

"Dear Julian,
Thank you again for the contribution you made in our lives. It seems funny to sit here in our new home and think that of all the events leading up to our move, your reading provided the greatest impetus. After all, we put our trust in someone we had never met (but had heard great things about), who was reading planets for us! However strange it may sound, the end result has been that we feel profoundly at home in our new home. Our children are happily thriving at their new school and easily making friends and fitting in. We find the natural surroundings to be inspiringly beautiful and uplifting. Without being able to put a finger on directly why, we just feel nourished, nurtured and joyful here...."

"You had provided us a couple of auspicious dates to shoot for as as far as when to move. When you gave them to us, they seemed way too soon, and we had to break a lot of mental barriers to trust the process. But our home sold miraculously on the first weekend of our open house, for the price we wanted. This occurred on a street where homes had been on the market for several years at a time. The transition ended up being distinctly stress-less. It was a terrific life learning experience. I have already recommended you to several friends. If anyone is interested in hearing more pertinent details of our account, they are welcome to give us a call. Best of everything to you. Thank you again."

Barbara & Ken Orsow
Moved from Iowa to Oregon, 1998
From letter received 5/10/98

"Dear Julian,
I just finished listening to the cassette of my reading.  I am amazed at your accuracy at interpreting my current experience here in Mendocino. I am excited to see the changes that are to come in my life when I actually move out of here.  In the reading, you mentioned that the money trip here will change a bit this November-December- January. It was a few days after we talked that a recent acquaintance called me from Tokyo to join him as an assistant. He is a world class photojournalist and publisher.  The job will involve travel, as you spoke of. I have never been given a reading with such a degree of accuracy. I am impressed with your work, Julian. It is because of your precise interpretation of my current chart that I feel confident that my life will change in New York and Santa Barbara as you have described.

"I really love the tape so I can take notes. Your voice is very soothing, too. The way you talk is quite comforting. I know you told me not to tell anyone, but now all of my friends want you to do readings for them, too. I will be in touch about my exploratory trip. Anyway, thank you for doing such excellent work."

Sincerely, Light Nykorchuk
Mendocino, California
Email received November 1999

"Hi Julian,
I just moved to a new home with a canyon and a beautiful huge waterfall in my back yard. I've got it for at least one year. My book for people who are fearful of the dentist is nearly complete and I've had a few paintings in local art shows. Social life is very good. And the spiritual context here is superb. Please don't tell anyone else, because the only downside is that it is getting crowded with heavy traffic. The next hurricane will take care of that though. I hope that life is sweet for you."
David Dinner
Moved from Arizona to a secret place, Summer 2000

NOTE: Julian Lee is a Locational Astrologer. But he does NOT use Astro*Carto*Graphy  maps in this locational work, and does not use the "authorized"  Astro*Carto*Graphy approach.

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