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Many have made moves based on his advice. Settle in! There is a lot of reading here...

Julian Lee observes strict confidentiality with his clients, i.e. he doesn't reveal who his clients are, or anything else.
But the following sampling of clients have given permission to have their comments published.
Some have requested that their names be initials only.



Locational Astrologer
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What Julian Lee's Clients
Are Saying

 "Julian Lee deserves full professorship in Astrology,  The reason Mr. Julian Lee does not have a Nobel prize in Astrology is because no such category exists. I  live and work in various parts of the world, especially the U.S. and Israel. The insights of Mr. Lee have been astoundingly accurate, and very helpful in planning my personal life and career.

"Mr. Lee correctly knew many of the good and bad experiences I had in Boston, California and Israel. Because many of the experiences were before the conversations with Mr. Lee, I know that it is not because I was influenced and started to believe what he said. At various places, we all  fit different professions, different talents, and different environments, but Mr. Lee seems to provide very accurate advice about where and in which time periods such possibilities exist."

Isaac J. Israel
Mathematician and Economist
Jerusalem, Israel
From email December '99

"Julian Lee was right-on with his locational and timing advice. My husband and I consulted with him after hearing of him from a friend.  We wanted to relocate, but couldn't narrow down our choices.  It would have taken us a great deal of time and expense to personally explore all the cities on our list.  But Julian pinpointed an area we hadn't  considered seriously.  We took the plunge and visited the area at the time he recommended, and experienced complete support of nature.  In just two weeks we were able to buy a gorgeous Victorian-era house, lease a fabulous location for our business, and start making friends.  It's now been two years, and we have not regretted it.  We have told some of our friends about him. One friend recently moved to Boise, Idaho on his recommendation is thrilled with the results."

Raoul & Star Sosa, Jewelry Designers
Moved from New Mexico to North Carolina

"Hi, Julian. Yes, you can use me as a reference and tell this woman she can call me. And I'll tell her that  your locational suggestion has been wonderful for me, and I would definitely recommend you. If she asks me if there is any down-side to you--I won't bring it up unless she asks-- but I would feel obliged to say you're not the best at keeping appointment times. But that once the appointment is there, you are an outstanding astrologer. I'm done with my novel and I've sent out my book proposals using the timing you said would be good for me. I now have five literary agents interested in my book. Two of the agents are Hollywood producers. I listened to part of the tape you did about six months ago, and things are going pretty much the flow that you had indicated. So I'm impressed, and I'm happy, and I'll keep you up-to-date. So yes, I would give you an excellent reference."

L.B., Author, Berkely, California
Relocated from Missouri to Bay Area, California in 1993.
Message Left On Voice Mail, March 1998

"I spent four years searching the mainland of the US for a place that felt like home, with no success. I crossed the country four times. Then, through a set of "coincidences" I gave Julian a call. It was clear to him (though not at first to me) that the island of Kauai was the place I was seeking. I had never even been to Hawaii before, though I have traveled the world. Not only did he foresee the qualities I was looking for, but he did it in such a way that I was able to adjust to the possibilities that moving so far away provided. Now I find it difficult to leave home even to visit elsewhere."

"This place where you are right now
God circled on a map for you"
(Now he tells me!)

David Dinner
Email received Sept. 2000

"Hi Julian,
I just wanted to let you know I arrived in Asheville, North Carolina safely. Things unfolded perfectly. Everything I needed came easily and effortlessly. I found a place to live the first week I was here, and I found people to help me move. My Venus-in-Cancer was in heaven. I feel everywhere I go, I'm having love affairs. I see things much differently here. I am more myself.... This was by far the best medicine for my life at this time. I'm glad I hung in there with your guidance, even when the frustrations set in. It must be very rewarding to support people in finding there true place. I thank you and so do the people who wanted me on this side of the country. Blessings."

Kachina Davine
Email received June 5, 2000

NOTE: Julian Lee is a Locational Astrologer. But he does NOT use Astro*Carto*Graphy  maps in this locational work, and does not use the "authorized"  Astro*Carto*Graphy approach. 

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